Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Calais open thread

"Calais is suffocating. The tourists have stopped coming here because all they see on the telly is stories about migrants and they are afraid to come," said Gilles Duvauchelle, the owner of Le Bounty café in the town centre.
Several customers at the bar nodded in agreement, with one woman saying that Britons used to come in large numbers to stock up on wine and French food in the hypermarkets on the edge of town. But now they have dwindled to a trickle, she said.
"The government is incompetent," said Mr Duvauchelle. "When migrant camps build up in Paris they move them on. But when they're here in Calais they don't give a damn," he said.
He said he was a truck driver for 20 years and is shocked at what lorry drivers have to put up with now if they arrive in Calais.
"They get attacked, they get migrants climbing in and the police can do little to stop it because they are overwhelmed by the numbers."
There does not seem to be an obvious solution to this.  The comment highlighted above seems to suggest that Calais (for onward travel to England) is not the only part of France being swamped.  Recent news reports have also focused on Greek islands and the south of Italy.

This isn't only about border controls.  People aren't arriving in neat queues with their documents in hand, they are simply turning up in Europe by the boat-load.  We can protect our border slightly better here in Britain, what with having la manche to keep us at arms' length, and by being simply a bit further away from SE Europe and N Africa.  But even then we don't know how many are slipping through, and we certainly don't know who they are.

The French unions aren't helping by going on strike the whole time, blocking up the roads with burning tyres and wrecking the ferries they used to work on.  Maybe the strikers are reacting to France's sad decline, but they aren't to blame for the thousands of people turning up on Europe's southern shores.

But what on Earth is the answer?  Is Simon Danczuk right to say that the problem will persist while Britain is an attractive place to live?  Does that mean we have to trash the joint? 

Are we surprised that the tourists have stopped coming?  Why would you queue up in Folkestone for hours if you had the choice, not knowing whether you were going to get back sensibly?  I am certainly not planning another booze cruise for the time being, despite the soft Euro.


Anonymous said...

An extra 30 minutes by ferry brings you to Dunquerque, a shorter journey to Adinkerke for the ciggies and there's a wonderful supermarket there for le vin et fromage. If you have time, wander down to the beach and contemplate what went on there 70-odd years ago. A leisurely meal at any one of the superb fish restaurants and a slow drive back to the port. No queues, no illegal immigrants and no hassle.

Nick Drew said...

Britons used to come in large numbers to stock up on wine and French food in the hypermarkets on the edge of town

we certainly did, then on to some of the excellent museums and forts in the area: but not for years now

like anon, we discovered Dunkirk instead - gives a headstart towards Holland, Germany etc - but won't that be under seige too, soon?

Steven_L said...

I am certainly not planning another booze cruise for the time being, despite the soft Euro.

But that's just because you're getting old and can't handle more than a couple of pints of warm bitter now isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It was entertaining to hear Cameron reported this morning as saying he wanted the UK to be "a buccaneering trading nation". A buccaneering nation would not be in this situation.

"There does not seem to be an obvious solution to this"

When in doubt one should look to countries that are serious about the survival of their people and culture, and ask "WWID" - "What Would Israel Do?"

The answer seems to be

i) ensure the state media and all government spokespeople call the "migrants" (overtones of £10 Poms and legality) something a little more meaningful - "illegal infiltrators" is Netanyahu's formulation.

ii) arrest and confine in uncomfortable camps - Israel has plenty of desert which is where theirs are, but we have plenty of islands. St Kilda would suit, it would only be for a few years, the wildlife would recover.

iii) deport. I'm sure this might mean paying some cash to the right people, but we can always print some more.

Unfortunately our government (or the one before) isn't serious about the survival of the British people. When it was written in 1973, Jean Raspail's dystopian novel The Camp Of The Saints seemed the wildest fantasy.

A vast third world armada heading for Europe, while Europeans look supinely on ? The man's a paranoid !

"There does not seem to be an obvious solution to this"

andrew said...

as anon:

Southampton, Poole or Bournemouth have ferry services as well.

To me it illustrates that the the french european ideal involves importing subsidies and exporting problems.

dearieme said...

When you are invaded you must defend yourself. So they'll have to be rounded up and dumped somewhere that'll accept them. It's the Dark Ages, after all, where if you don't deal with a Volkerwanderung your own Volk vanishes. Ask the Welsh, or the Picts, or ....

Electro-Kevin said...

This is how we said it would end.

We kept trying to tell you so but you would not listen.

The only joy will be that the country falls apart in the hands of a Tory majority government - when the fake boom goes *pop* and we are packed with millions more eligible welfare claimants.

Electro-Kevin said...

Until ten years ago I'd been a lifelong Tory supporter.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where in Europe they claim asylum. In fact a wise immigrant would claim it elsewhere and travel on to Britain unimpeded.

hovis said...

Britain will continue to be an attractive place to live when compared to some war torn areas and/or less developed sub saharan places.

As to the question "is the answer to trash the place?"
- it will get trashed anyway.

I used to live near Dover when the influx of "Bosnians" (very very few were) in the late nineties - East Kent coastal towns already down at heel were reduced to dormitaries for migrants with a anoteh population of itinerant beer/tabacco runnning gangs (before it was cracked down on).
The target would always be to head to London as the the great goal, however with the numbers the benefit and housing caims meant they then got shipped back out to the empty guest houses on the coast by the by the London councils because it was cheap.

The answers of course require two sorts of actions:
(i) Cut migration of at source
(ii) Make this place less attractive - oh so many suggestions - none of them very nice I am afraid.

The idea that other nations will stand by the need to hopuse these people under the Vienna convention is pie in the sky rubbish, by fantasists.Others don't care too much as long as these people are only passing through.

Of course it would have helped if we stopped destroying functioning nations like Libya, which attracted and absorbed migrants itself, and supplying arms to opposition groups in Syria (read we are arming ISIS via the Qataris) I hoe Cameron culpable on both counts as well as being an utter f_cking moron.

But while this is going on look at what is being done behind the scenes while media attention is focussed on this - great misdirection opportunities.

Anonymous said...

"Is Simon Danczuk right to say that the problem will persist while Britain is an attractive place to live? Does that mean we have to trash the joint?"

No. We don't have to trash the joint. But we have to accept that this is going to continue until Britain becomes as bad as the places as these people (mainly fit young and uneducated men) are leaving behind.

The nod-and-a-wink (good for middle classes) black economy, free healthcare and welfarism are a big draw. But so too is the soft-touch law and order and welcoming institutions such as the BBC which trashes any dissent about the EU or which smears anyone who argues for a points based immigration system an ignorant racist.

The simple fact is that the more uneducated and unskilled people we import the poorer (in real terms at least) we get.

The solution ? Every man for himself. If I were young and single I'd sell my abode while it still has value and go into rented. I'd then bide my time and use my portable profession to get to a country that is sensible enough to have a points based system.

david morris said...

What EK said (about being a Tory supporter)

No, I am Spartacus !...........

kind regards

Anonymous said...

"welcoming institutions such as the BBC"

Whose top story on the World At One is a moan from the Refugee Council that Cameron used the word "swarms" to describe the numbers of illegal infiltrators and an in-depth discussion of how awful he is to use it, claims that the illagal infiltrators are 'desperate' and 'vulnerable'.

They're young, fit, male, with a total disregard for the law or other people's property, and have grown up in some of the most violent and anarchic countries in the world. Just the people we want here.

"The solution ? Every man for himself."

Or you could vote for an evil "racist" party that doesn't want open borders. But I can see your ifitallgoestitsup strategy is a useful personal fallback/survival mechanism. Pity about Britain though.

Blue Eyes said...

"Cut migration at source": air-drop rubbers over Homs?

Great policy inspiration everyone. I particularly like the idea of turning Wales into a desert and then forcing all newcomers to camp there until they have invented strawberry-picking machines.

CityUnslicker said...

The sad real truth is that this is unstoppable. Global population is booming but only in our worst places- Nigeria, Pakitan, Bangladesh, Congo India. Millions of people born without hope and desperate to get somewhere better.

I am with dearime, this is very like the dark ages and the massive population moves. Sadly, it never ended well for those who stood still, the huns, goths, mongols took it all. Not becuase of intellect or skills, just because they were much greater in numbers.

Hundrerds of millions in Africa and Asia without hope is the ultimate threat.

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