Monday, 17 August 2015

Supply 'n demand, innit.

The number of people living with diabetes has soared by nearly 60% in the past decade, Diabetes UK warns.
The charity said more than 3.3 million people have some form of the condition, up from 2.1 million in 2005. 
Dr Joan St John, a GP in Brent in north-west London, where diabetes levels are some of the highest in the country, said the condition had become incredibly widespread. 
Part of GP pay is linked to diagnosing and treating diabetes - and has been for years.
 Would any NHS experts like to tell us how many years?? Capitalists may like to take a guess.


Anonymous said...

When I was diagnosed 20 years ago, the target blood sugar levels were 8. They are now 5. In our typically bureaucrat riddled country, the DVLA consider you unfit to drive if your blood sugars are under 6. Joined-up dictatorship or what, innit?

Mark Wadsworth said...

From the article, I would guess since 2005.

Blue Eyes said...

Anon, that IS interesting. So the threshold moved *and* the incentive for diagnosis was introduced, and we are *shocked* that the number of diagnoses has rocketed.

MW, that would be my guess, as well :)

Electro-Kevin said...

Yet obesity and morbid obesity have become more obvious in the last decade or so. I don't doubt that type 2 is up. Around 30% of people in this area are XXXX size and most other people can be described as well fed. (What must the waifs in sweatshops be thinking when they are tasked to make plus size clothes ? And why aren't they charged extra ?)

Whenahweralad a real 'fatty' was the size of Divan A-but, the Labour politician of colour. Now a fatty is much MUCH larger than her - she looks normal. In fact, had one appeared in 1975 they would have had a crowd around them - or even made a good living in a travelling show of Oddities and Curiosities ... especially if adorned with tatts.

What would have been shocking (and it really was when I saw it on my first trip to the USA - so much so that my mum carried a camera dedicated to it) is now becoming normal.

There is no need for it. The real scandal is lack of self control with regard to diet and the left's indulgence of it - including their desire to dedicate NHS resources to it.

BQ said...

I recall being horrified in Las Vegas. One of those giant , giant women carrying three stacked buffet plates on each arm. I nudged Mrs Q, who said she had seen the rest of the family getting a table. I said "still, though, why not make two trips, instead of balancing so precariously."

Then the woman sits down with her kids, and they go to the buffet, and they carry six plates each back to the table. An orgy of food. Six filled plates each.
I'd never seen anything like it. My whole body was less wide than one of these people's legs.

But I've been to harvester since then , and am no longer surprised

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a connection between the increase in diabetes and the increase in immigrants, especially those from the Indian sub continent? Medical research has shown that the incidence of diabetes amongst such immigrants is proportionally higher than those still living in the Indian sub continent and those members of the host nation. It is felt that the sudden change of diet, including oils and sugars, may be a contributory factor. It would be interesting if the figures for diabetes sufferers showed ethnic origins, though doubt if it could be publicised on PC grounds.

Jan said...

I blame drink cans filled with sugar. Round these parts it's way more than 30% obesity and judging by the cans littering the place there's a definite correlation. There's also a fair proportion who walk with sticks, some quite young and with no obvious difficulty in walking. Must be the benefits culture.

Bill Quango MP said...

But we had fizzy drinks galore in the 70s and 80s. Not even a diet option. And orange juice was still a luxury. So we had kia-ora. God knows what was in that.

I doubt the fizzy drinks are to blame. It must be total sugar intake from all foods.

hovis said...

What gets measured gets managed, or should that be what gets paid for gets diagnosed. Ever wondered why GP's are so keen on flu vaccines - also remember the Tamiflu efficacy debacle ? - it's the same incentive.

dearieme said...

A friend was told by his GP that she had diabetes in the UK but not in the US.

That's a consequence of changing the UK definition with the intention (I suppose?) of upping the numbers.

Anyway, the point sure;l is that anyone who reports the stats without correcting for (i) population, (ii) ageing demography, and (iii) changes of definition, is just being a crook. The effect of financial incentives for doctors should also be mentioned, since it's not obvious how you'd allow for it in the stats.

Or you could use the more general rule of thumb: anything passed off today as involving Public Health is probably a pack of lies.

Anonymous said...

Charity? What Charity.

If you check the accounts - they never lie - you'll see a CEO on £100+ plus and 300 "employees" whose main aim to is to generate funds to keep themselves paid.

Par for the course for any charity.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Jan - Whatever it was it really did start in America. I saw it there first with my own disbelieving eyes.

If anything it is a lack of shame - nay, even pride and arrogance in being so fat. Some parade their bellies as though showing off a chest full of medals. The stigma has gone and victimhood is in. It's OK to pig out and "you dare criticise me for doing so" (ask Katie Hopkins, who's tried.)

It's the same with benefit scrounging, having kids with unknown fathers/mothers, driving without insurance... if we de-stigmatise poor choices then the more poor choices are made.

andrew said...

It's the same with benefit scrounging, having kids with unknown fathers/mothers, driving without insurance... if we de-stigmatise poor choices then the more poor choices are made.

... hit the nail on the head and my thumb as if you really follow the logic, there will be many unfortunate (for some) consequences

Jan said...

But Bill we consume far more than in the 70s. My kids were growing up in the 80s and I would buy 1 large bottle of "pop" for the weekend as a treat. The rest of the time they drank water or squash mostly. Now kids drink fizz all the time as far as I can tell. Unless they are middle class in which case they drink water and they aren't fat.

Chocolate bars and crisps were also treats where now they are a staple food!

Anonymous said...

I saw the "supply and demand" strapline and thought you might be writing about the effect on wages of a greatly increased supply of labour. Silly me.

I think there's two, maybe three, factors here

a) changing the definition of a diabetic and paying doctors to diagnose more cases. Who could have thought it would lead to more diagnoses?

b) there are more lardbutts than there used to be. Interestingly, at my place of work (over 1,000 staff) there must be a dozen or more morbidly obese (not just fat) women, but no male equivalents. Maybe they just don't get employed.

c) demography may make a difference. Here we go, yes it does - a huge one in fact, considering 29% of English primary school kids are now 'minority'. Looks like a time bomb ahead for the NHS when my kids are old:

"The study reveals that by age 80, twice as many British South Asian, African and African-Caribbean men and women had developed diabetes than Europeans of the same age. Approximately half of all South Asians, Africans and African-Caribbean people in the UK will develop the disease by age 80, compared with only one in five of European descent."

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