Sunday, 30 October 2016


Tony Blair has popped up again to mobilise the upper-middle-class establishment and metropolitan élites as "insurgents" against their plebian youngers and worsers who have demanded we leave the EU. Presumably MPs publicly announcing their intention to vote for the Article 50 and Great Repeal bills will have their letterboxes stuffed with humous.

Any excuse to revive this old classic.


Electro-Kevin said...

That was a brilliant speech. (Thanks for the link)

Blair on maneuvers. That makes me more sure than ever on my decision to vote Brexit.

Sackerson said...


dearieme said...

It's a pity that Hague has gone down the plug-hole since then.

Bill Quango MP said...

Such a polished and witty attack on the Blair/Brown dual monarchy years.
One of his finest.

As a soft leaver, I have found that the constant attempts of the last four months by establishment figures and organisations to attempt to prevent what was a semi-democratic vote, quite remarkable.

I suggest semi-democratic as on one side all the forces of those same establishment figures, and their economic, legislative, broadcast media and religious, educational, caring, scientific, commercial and financial allies sought to use that great power to prevent a leave decision.

The vast powers of the state. Mobilised against some swivel eyed fruit cakes and loons and their red topped, page three printing newspaper friends.

Yet the vote was clear. So clear that I find this Remoaning has turned me, despite the wobbly economics, into a full English Brexit.
These attempts to remain in the EU via a back door are bringing out the Trump in me.

We .. are ....going ..a wall. And these are the people we are going to blindfold and stand against it..

Blue Eyes said...

Yup, pretty much, BQ.

Sackerson said...

@ BQ: love that "full English Brexit." I propose a toast!

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