Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I'm Not Making This Up (and it isn't even April 1st)

So - HMG is keen to be abreast of developments in shale gas etc etc, and has quite properly put someone in charge.

And what's his department to be called ?  We turn to the experts at Utility Week, who have the press release ...

Wait for it ...

They tell us it's the Office of Unconventional Gas & Oil - OffUGO!

Actually ... some spoilsport at DECC obviously realised and so, disappointingly, it's OffUOG.   Geddouddahere, you clowns.



  1. Blue Eyes11:31 am

    I propose a new spatial development agency called the Land and Environment for Town Regeneration, Inquiries and Planning.

  2. that might have caught on, BE

    but it didn't !

    we obviously have an odd sense of humour

  3. Blue Eyes8:58 am

    We should join the National Institute for Clever Humour Experiments.

  4. Well spotted.

    What's the regulator for off-licences called?