Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 Predictions Review

1. Will trump start a hot war?    NO
2. Islamic state defeated and Raqqa to fall?   YES
3. Article 50 passed and UK set for Brexit?   YES
4. Le Pen elected in France?   NO
5. FTSE to end 2017 over 7100?  YES

With over 30 entries last year there was an Anonymous winner, so can’t count that. Lucilky contributor Bill Quango got them all right.

Trump looks less warlike and more useless with every passing day.

Islamic state is in ruins and hopefully a fading force, but time will tell.

Brexit turned out to mean Brexit after all.

France went wimpy with Macron.

The FTSE is doing just fine, as expected by all who don’t drink the remain kool aid.


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  2. You missed a link to last years post, but I guess you're pretty busy. I'm just waiting for my turn in the bathroom before my bow tie gets its annual outing, so here it is:

    And the previous post with my three 2017 stock tips:

    ... these are the 3 stocks I added to my SIPP I think are most likely to give me 20% in 2017 without much downside risk

    Sports Direct
    Vertu Motors

    According to google finance it's 51% for GOCO, 35% for SPD and 19% for VTU when you count dividends. That's 35% YoY,

    Neil Woodford - 1%
    Nick Train - 21%
    Terry Smith - 22%
    Steven_L - 35%

    I'm wasted at the council, wasted I tell you.

  3. My prediction.

    I'll be wading in puke early in 2018. No. Not mine - my passengers.

    Happy New Year to every one.

    (I'll get my own back tomorrow when I'm the only one not suffering a hangover)

  4. Happy new year to all.
    Long live freedom.
    Death to traitors.
    I hope to see many traitors exposed in 2018.

  5. What many miss is that civilisation is built on the shared understandings that are not spoken of.
    So I won't bid all a happy New year.
    Because that would break the magic.

  6. The train I was travelling on collided a fallen tree so that was two hours sorting out a rescue and refashioning the front so it could be coupled. At midnight I was on the pilot loco and we timed our movement over the detonators precisely to mark the New Year. The passengers were cool about it all.

    My first prediction wrong then. 2018 is already turning out to be the year of the unexpected.

  7. dearieme4:15 pm

    I suggest that in a year's time you appraise the success of Mr Kunstler's predictions.

  8. My main prediction is that it won’t be as bad as surmised.

    Quite yet.

  9. Anonymous2:38 pm

    We don't want a warlike Trump, let Iran sort itself out. No more regime change, no more nation building.

    But... no wall, fewer deportations than Obama, instead tax cuts and Jerusalem, neither of which his base voted for.

    The Russia stuff was always a crock of crap, just as it is here. Strange how the Guardian supported the Soviet Union for 80 years, but hates Russia.