Wednesday, 15 June 2016

DIY Select Committee Fudging

When the old boss of BHS went before the Commons Select Committee last week he had a great wheeze  - tell the committee there were lots of relevant facts and he would be submitting them later. Boring stuff like actual figures about how much he was paid, how much he owed the company etc. Not important at all to the discussion.

Then the old, old, boss of BHS comes to the committee today and proudly states that he has Deloitte working on a plan to save the BHS pensioners. Very worthy of him too.

Of course, the plan won't be ready for a week or two (this reminds me of myself at work, Monday, things will always be done by Monday - best not to be more specific than that in terms of timing) so sadly it can't be discussed today.

So there we are, how to Kipper a Select Committee, come with a not quite ready plan and promise to send interesting stuff in the future, when you won't be summoned again or will be in some far off place. More likely, the media will have forgotten and no one will care anymore before Beck has left Posh for Cheryl or some such...



  1. dearieme2:09 pm

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  2. What??? Becks has managed to corner Cheryl. The lucky B@$[@£}
    I always come here for the latest news.

  3. I quite liked the Dominic Cummings appearance at the Treasury Committee which seemed mainly to be based on 'fuck right off'. A bold strategy perhaps, but equally as effective.

  4. Interesting firm, Deloitte. Wonder what it's like working for them?

  5. You don't get as rich as Green without a few slippery tricks up your sleeve!