Monday, 13 June 2016

Sending for Gordon Brown?!

Isn’t it shit? 
Deepest despair 
Project Fear running aground, clutching thin air - 
Sending for Brown! 

Badly amiss? 
Losing the plot! 
Brown of the big clunking fist, glowering Scot
Why are these clowns 
Sending for Brown?! 

What did they find, knocking on doors? 
Finally grasping - Remain’s a lost cause! 
Making his entrance again with his usual flair 
Under his breath, still cursing Blair 

Don’t you love farce? 
Dave’s fault, I fear 
He thought that we’d want what he wants … 
Sorry, my dear! 
So why is the clown
Sending for Brown? 
Oh bugger, he’s here. 

Isn’t it shit? 
Isn’t it queer? 
Dave simply chucking his once glorious career? 
And turning to Brown 
It’s all turning Brown 
Calamity’s near. 



  1. dearieme11:37 pm

    He did save the world, you know.

  2. Brown*, Corbyn*, Benn+ - the master team. Just add one Miliband (Ed) and the game is over. All the more so given this...

    “It’s just like the general election. The polls say it’ll be fine but every doorstep someone tells you to f*** off.”

    I haven't had so much fun in years :-)

    * loathed by 90% of the country
    + an aristo. Just the man to convince the workers.

  3. Desperation.

    I really can't see anything reversing this swing to Leave. In fact I'm amazed that we have been anywhere near to a Remain outcome, based on the opinions of people I know.

    Out by a ratio of 9 to 1.

    I have no faith that the referendum will be conducted honestly.

    I've seen graphs that show - in major referenda such as this - the swing is nearly always back to the status quo in the final days.

    Brexit's mission is to show that Remain is not the Quo.

    Perhaps Down Down would have been a better song for this post (excellent though it is)


  4. Elby: "Brown*, Corbyn*, Benn+ - the master team. Just add one Miliband (Ed) "

    Reminds me of playing top trumps.

  5. EK these things seem to go in pockets. My office is 100% for Leave. My university friends are universally for Remain.

  6. I think a university education does tend towards Remain.

    10% went to university in the '70s compared to 59% today - so no wonder the pro EU PM kept the polls open for two extra days to help the young to get their votes in.

    There are several things that can be read from that situation.


    Any more headlines like this could swing it back.

    (The point will be lost on many football fans that no court should be more supreme than our own.)

  8. 10% went to university in the '70s compared to 59% today - so no wonder the pro EU PM kept the polls open for two extra days to help the young to get their votes in.

    Oops. Meant to say 49%, not 59

  9. E-K. The idea of Unis were that the bright went there. Some bright folks studied at Polys, as some causes were more appropriate to a less academic approach - e.g. Architecture, and vocational stuff went to CFEs. Now we have unis full of morons. Way to go. Now, where's my Leisure Studies BA. Uni. of Rutland certificate...

    Our higher education system USED to work. So well, in fact, that West Germany adopted it after the war. They now have a magnificent education system with a skilled work force. Whereas we have...

  10. Great work ND - one of my fave songs.

    I'm defo not getting complacent but I think the party I was planning may need more champers rather than clarets.

  11. Top Trumps I have a winner.
    They should wheel out Kinock. "As an unelectable Mp I was sent to sort out the corruption in the EU After being awarded a nice position and a healthy pension, oh and a job for the wife, I can categorically say there is no corruption. I never got to see the accounts but can say they very helpful and generous people.


  12. Suff,

    I think the pope will beat all others

  13. Off topic, Peston's blog on the ITV News site today says that to win convincingly, Cameron has to do something bold, i.e. currently illegal under the treaties, such as unilaterally do something on migration. So to win, Cameron has to take us out, if I have understood the logic correctly...


    Hat tip to Scroblene Webley-Bullock


    Elby - Quite right but Blue's circle is proper graduates.

  15. Ah, Sondheim, "A Little Night Music", saw it at The National and was in The Proms Arena when Judy Dench did it. Wonderful stuff. As for Brown, I have always felt that there was something of the night about him.

  16. dearieme3:04 pm

    if I were swithering, I'd vote Leave just to be shot of Cameron. Presumably the price we'd pay would be Boris. Might be worth it.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I've never seen this guy before. Steven Woolfe (UKIP) rattling the head of the CBI.

  19. To kill it dead. The leave team should start a campaign that we will only vote remain if the French are told to leave

  20. Anonymous3:37 pm

    I'm trying to get out of this site but every time I do it says "Leave" or "Stay" - so to close down these pop-up boxes you are forces to chose "Leave" - nice.

  21. This is a bit early for the Eurovision 'Song' Contest, isn't it Nick?

    Where are the flares, where are the cacky grins, where are the grinning stupid 'judges'?

    Nil Points!

    You'll be doing a Lulu song next - 'Whoops Bunga bung'....

  22. Puppet On A String comes to mind, Scrobs ...

  23. John Miller7:45 pm

    Isn't it bliss?
    Don't you approve?
    One who keeps tearing around,
    One who can't move.
    Where are the clowns?
    Send in the Brown...

    Sorry, Judy, to juxtapose your lyrics with the vilest piece of shit ever, er, created.

  24. Anonymous8:11 pm

    @ John Miller - Errrr? (Did u read the post?)

  25. I see that Watson and Cooper are now saying something needs to be done about immigration. Showing that only when pols are worried about losing an election do they take note.

    We need more democracy, not less....

  26. Anonymous12:53 pm

    They must be worried - yesterday my house (4 voters) got a single Remain letter, addressed to the missus and exhorting her not to let Farage speak for her.

    Didn't mention the official Leave face BoJo, who obviously has appeal to "women of a certain age".

  27. I have had a really crummy election address type leaflet from Remain and bog all else. Not even the government-funded leaflets.

    I am represented in Parliament by one of the most consistently EU-sceptic members, who gets about 2/3 votes in generals.

    Wonder if there is a link.

  28. BE
    As an Expat my email is bombarded and every second advert on FB is telling me how to register to vote. A government with its finger on the pulse. EVERYBODY I know ( with the exception of one flag waving socialist stuck in the 70s) recognises the EU for the corrupt organization it is and have registered to vote out. So some farmer is going to wake up to field full of open post from Europe.
    Not one word or consideration from our employers on how our situation may change if the vote is out ( they know who does the work and the taxman knows who pays the bills)
    And to statements on this form that all main land Europeans are fully committed to the EU, that is not my experience and all eyes are on the UK to see whether they will be given a referendum. The refugee Chriss has even shaken the Germans I meet out of their lethargy.