Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Public and Corporate resignations

So we have had a good few weeks of resignations and clinging on and it seems appropriate to note the etiquette and mores of today's world when it comes to hanging on to one's highly paid job.

First up, Peter Hain, who finally succumbed after realising the plod were coming to feel his collar, his boss seemed to weak to act. Next up on the list is the Harriet Harman, keen to keep her status and showing no sign of remorse - up until she is proven guilty of something.

Then we get to some corporate players - The Northern Rock board, Adam Applegarth amongst them who clung on for a good few months; in sharp contrast the the immediate reactions of the directors of M&B today.

At Societe Generale, apart from the devious Mr Kerviel, there seems to be a strong culture of hanging in through the tough times, with remarkably little activity despite the huge losses and obvious failures of senior management.

Then finally we reach Mr Conway, today having the whip withdrawn by David Cameron. No fear of him resigning despite clearly lining the pockets of his family with public funds.

The Patterns are hard to discern. Certainly the politico's come out poorly, as at least some businessmen behave honourably whereas it seems modern politicians do not; going only when pushed or pulled by the rozza's.

Having said that, businessmen in really indefensible positions like Applegarth seem to make the most of the hay whilst possible, being kicked out screaming at the end.

Perhaps the moral is those with a clean conscience resign in the knowledge that it will not be accepted or they will be forgiven and in a new job soon. Those caught at the till keep going until the PAYE is forcibly removed. Maybe this can be our guide to understanding where the guilty party resides in future incidents...


Anonymous said...

Startling how many Conway supporters are claiming some sort of unfairness here. He is sentenced before he is tried , he is guilty before being proven innocent.

I do not feel this has done much good for politicians either , only further reinforcing that ' our club, our rules' feeling.

DC should have shut them up before today / five live / and radio 2.

Unfortunately certain people have been comparing apples to oranges all day and damaging the attack on NuLab sleaze to a more general attack on politicians.

The biggest failure here is that some MPs genuinely cannot seem to see the difference between having a wife on the books if you are a plumber [ a tax break ] or falsifying claims for expenses [theft ].
Or 'a mistake' for 'a crime'.

'Why are the public so ungrateful?
After all that we do for them , and all we ask in return is no set hours,extra long teacher style holidays, travel expenses if we travel or even if we don't,no need for recipts , no actual accountability,A miserable 50,000 -70,000 salary, a huge political machine to protect us and tell us what to do ,subsidised 5* Lunches, on the premises pubs and no worries about drinking at work, index linked final salary pensions , setting our own salaries , having as many real or bogus assistants , researchers , secretaries as we can claim for,second houses tax free , untold jollies , dinners , freebies and invites , suitably impressive letters after our names to allow even easier access, importance for our views , and an even bigger euro world to try for later on , or a nice business connection . JP Morgan prehaps? Being able to progress by saying little and doing even less, having no qualifications except political Science ; business and media studies....

Ohhhhh the public .. we give up so much and yet they treat us so poorly.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of MPs who have done the same as Conway - or very similar. By the way I understand now how M&B managed to lose all that money, see you are getting somewhere with me. Do you have any jobs going at all?

Anonymous said...

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