Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday Papers Roundup

A quick Drew round-up this week, starting as is my wont with an energy item:

UK biofuel producer sees shares slump, seeks funding. But why, you may ask, when the EC mandates increasing use of biofuels ? Because US agri-business is being subsidised to produce the stuff and they are dumping. This is just the start of major biofuels controversy to come …

… because food price inflation is really taking off and food-for-fuel is one of the (several) reasons

It’s to be ‘green’ taxes from Darling on Budget Day. The Sunday papers have got their well-informed votes in - here and here - on CU’s sidebar poll. But how do they know, he asked naively – anyone remember when a budget leak meant the Chancellor’s head on a platter ?

A big IT contractor gets the boot from the UK government. Has the worm turned – at last ?

The government and BAA have fixed the evidence on the 3rd Runway case. And we are supposed to be surprised ...

Predators target Virgin Media. Beardy in the money again

Finally, margin calls have stuffed Peloton and Carlyle Capital. Déjà vu, anyone? Oh yes, you read it, err, at C@W first – on Friday !



Old BE said...

Oh goody, tax rises thanks to Gordon's moronic management of the public finances. Just what I need. I'm off to France to stock up.

By the way, wasn't there some long-term agreement to harmonise booze duties to bring them closer to the levels enjoyed by our continental cousins? Are travel taxes not barriers to trade within the single market?

Nick Drew said...

HG has wondered if Brown's threats to second homes will be contrary to EU law ...

Old BE said...

Quite possibly!

Bill Quango MP said...

I KNOW it will be green taxes.

Darling's original proposals before Brown boxed his ears.

The Green Taxes:

Lime juice
Celtic jerseys
Massey Fergusson tractors
St Patrick's day
People who become envious
Green Wellies
Eddie Stobart Trucks

Nick Drew said...

Harlequins ?!

London Irish, surely ?

Bill Quango MP said...

I think he meant

its a middle class thing so he's bound to want to tax it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

We are galloping towards that guesstimate of £500 bn for sup-prime losses in USA, this article alone gets us a third of the way there...

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember BAA re-assuring the anti-Terminal 5 protestors that the building was "not going to be stage 1 towards a 3rd runway" and that the building was needed in its own right? Liars, the lot of them.

Nick Drew said...

Mark - it's worse than that: my prediction in December was only (only !) $ 500 bn, not £

so we're nearly there already, and it's only March

as with gold, there is a strong temptation to issue a mid-course update on the write-offs at a much higher number ...

Anonymous said...

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