Saturday, 11 October 2008

Quotes of the Momentous Week

By nationalising only two banks, NR and B&B, Darling has effectvely undermined the others. If he now buys their shares cheap, he must be guilty of shorting them. - Simon Jenkins
(and he'd like 650 other offences to be taken into consideration)

We've had some success in getting the price of oil down. - Gordon Brown

(and house prices, too ! pure genius)

At least Gordon's smiling. Everyone at Westminster has noticed that he's grown in confidence and stature during this crisis. Could he even be enjoying it ?
- Nick Robinson
(a small price to pay if it makes Gordon happy, I'm sure we all agree)

and finally, because it bears repeating ...

He's a deeply insecure person and he has quite a great inferiority complex which habitually he has compensated for by overspending, by compulsive spending, often with money that he doesn't have. - Lucy Beresford



Anonymous said...

Can an inferiority complex be a complex if the person is inferior?

Bill Quango MP said...

I think he is having a Montgomery experience.

Having been stung by accusations of failing to act, failing to act quickly, being overly cautious before acting and, allowing opportunities to slip by he considers being a little bolder. But then, with subordinates actively intriguing for his removal Brown suddenly hatches the Treasury equivalent of Market Garden.

Drop 50 billion pounds behind the frontlines and the whole credit crisis will be over by Christmas.

Then, when it comes unstuck in 15 days and is revealed as having been a terribly over optimistic plan and over credible assessment of the capabilities of the resources involved, he claims to be terribly pleased with the outcome and never ever again refers to it as anything less than a 90% triumph.

Then he goes around upsetting his allies by blaming them for his failures and claiming their successful maneuvers as his own.

Yep. Field Marshall Gordon Brown 1st Viscount of Reykjavik.

Elby the Beserk said...

If he was a dog, you'd put him down.
The bloke's nuts.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"If he was a dog, you'd put him down.
The bloke's nuts."

It's his way to avoid the hangman's noose. I blame Mandy. The queen of darkness has planted that woman into that BBC show to question el Gordo the snot goblin’s sanity so when he comes to trial he will be able to us it in his defence to avoid execution.

“NO!!!!”, I say; he’s not just mad, he is BAD. He should be executed along with B’Liar and the rest of the nuLieBore regime using the traditional British method of being Hung, Drawn and Quartered. His head on a pike outside The Traitors Gate would be a big tourist attraction and the international PPV TV rights of the event would bring in much needed cash to cope with the recession.

Anonymous said...

Heh. What a funny lot you are - slag them off for red tape when you're supping the champers then for not saving your bacon when you've fallen in the trough. You've never really grown out of the shorts, have you.

Anonymous said...

What have dogs done to you Mr Beserk? I am sure that they never ran off with all your money - dogs are wise creatures and care little for financial matters...

May I ask a question to anyone who can answer it? Where is all the money? Who has it now? Does it make sense to even ask this question?

Bill Quango MP said...

Mutley, its like a Scooby Doo ending.

There never was any money after all.
It was just old Mr Shafter, the bank president, repackaging egg boxes with the words "triple AAA Rated debt" on them that he sold for far above their worth in the local market.
Then he scared everyone away by spooking them with the Ninjas and Nazis of the night stories.

"And I would have got away with it too.. if it hadn't been for inflationary pressures on fuel and food prices causing necessities to rise, and sparking the default of mortgage payments from the sub-primes, ending an unsustainable asset bubble, and causing a loss of confidence in peoples ability to pay back these hopelessly over valued loans."

"You Kids have done good.. Give Mr Shafter a bonus and a golden handshake and a bailout and take him away boys"

Next week Scooby-Doo looks into the strange disappearance of the Eurozone.

Anonymous said...


So there never was any real money? Then how does it help if we cough up £500 Billion of taxpayers cash to stabilise the banks? Or does that money not exist either? If it doesnt will the tax increases also be fake?

Nope it still dont make sense. Even if scooby doo did it...

Nick Drew said...

peter - in Brown's case, it's complex alright

Mr Q - Monty - an excellent analogy, sir

(and Scooby-Doo)

Mutt - we're not really helping, are we ?

Anonymous said...

No Nick not really. I am not stupid you know. Did these people just give each other bigger and bigger loans - a sort of giant sized version of living on the never never?

Nick Drew said...

Mutt - yes, if you interpret 'loans' widely enough

in particular, they balanced their books as if far less risk was present in their 'assets' than was actually the case

(and it didn't need this crisis to reveal the risk - it was always qualitatively self-evident, and wilfully ignored. We know why the bankers ignored it - the basis for paying themselves so handsomely. IMHO, proximate blame lies with the regulators for letting them - but fundamentally it's down to the politicians, who told the regulators to lay off)

Anonymous said...

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