Thursday, 30 October 2008

Snap Election ? Why Would Anyone Think That ?

A couple of weeks ago, amidst the storm, NuLab quietly dropped SATS testing and 42-day detention, causing some to raise the intriguing possibility of a snap election before things get any worse. The idea has been widely dismissed: surely Gordon's learned his lesson etc etc.


Just in the last three days, we've had the following from ministers:

- prisoners are to have an altogether nastier time

- 'an end to bogus disability claimants' (again)
- 'equal opportunities for whites'
- hate preachers are to be banned (again)

- hints on a 'cap on immigrant numbers'

- a hint that the Heathrow 3rd runway is to be abandoned

OK, maybe just keeping their options open, but it looks kinda like a pattern ...



Old BE said...

Don't forget a temporary tax cut!

Anonymous said...

OK, maybe just keeping their options open, but it looks kinda like a pattern ...

Maybe, maybe not, but this Government has a habit of making announcements that never materialise. Let's hope you're right though as the public don't believe them.

Too little, too late.

Bill Quango MP said...

But would he really call an election in the middle of the chaos with a hard Winter only just ending.
House Prices sitting near the bottom..The unemployment figures creeping past 2 million and the disablity back to work figs no better than they are today.
As all the Christmas temporary jobs are terminated and retailers and hospitality shed thousands of staff which they undoubtedly will in January.
Tax receipts at an all time low against spending at an all time high..

Would he really do it?
I don't doubt there are strategy meetings on it, highlighting the Osbourne fiasco, the Tories lack of coherent policies on the economy,
A possible win ion Glenrothes, Mr Brown's new world leader status etc.
But at the end of the day the economic news will be too bad to go early.

Unsworth said...

Yes, the real issue is the economy. Given that each household is paying out every week - and getting much less for their money, making economies, worrying about the next tranche of bills etc. It's a weekly, daily reminder of the shit we're in.

There's no way that this series of pathetic 'announcements' will persuade the public that things are getting better. It's the same old same old.

By contrast it is possible that things would improve under a different regime. The 'change' message is extremely powerful - as we have already seen in America.

Brown started by trying to put a distance between himself and Blair. But he's now seen to be just more of the same - even to the extent of bringing back the hate figures central to the Blair era. I think he's on a loser.

As BQ says - would he really do this after the January bills hit the doormat? Would he really be so crazy as to announce an election at the same time as everyone is worrying about affording Christmas? Maybe he would. Glenrothes is going to be his marker.

Old BE said...

Remember that GB is totally detached from reality, anything could happen!

Anonymous said...

You are all forgetting Snotgobbler's long record of cowardice in general & avoiding elections in particular. He won't go to the country until he is forced to by the law... and even then I wouldn't put it past him to try to engineer some kind of national crisis that prevented an election.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

The only reason why the evil snot goblin would go to the country would be to deliberately lose the election and let the Conservatives take the flack for the recession. However, he would immediately be deposed as leader of the nuLieBore party so will never see office again. It is not in his nature to put the party ahead of his own ambitions though he would put his party ahead of the interests of the nation.

He will cling to power until he is physically dragged from his bunker. We are more likely to have the Civil Contingencies Act utilised in 2010 to keep him in power than have an early election. Assassination maybe the only way for us to restore our liberty.

Steven_L said...

Labour like May elections, because April is when all the benefits claimants and public sector workers get their pay rises.

Nick Drew said...

all good points, we shall watch n wait

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Sebastien Weetabix may his tribe increase...)said ...

"I wouldn't put it past him to try to engineer some kind of national crisis that prevented an election."

But he'e already done it. He would have known at his disastrous conference that a simple spreadsheet showed GB inc heading for the buffers.

His 'getting on with the job' was a mantra rehearsed in the depths of May/June even.

The bastard really has no clue on what to do except follow better people than him. Most of his cronies are spending huge amounts of expenses trying to ask other countries what to do next - hence all these flghts all over the place.

And that's not only Mandy and his huge expense account to talk to people who want to eventually stamp on him.

Well, I hope they stamp on his bloody pension as well.

Anonymous said...

Nick, it will never happen for the simple reason it would make the headlines as Labour are running scared.

And that is from a Labour MP.

Anonymous said...

The smart move, of Labour actually held on to Glenrothes, would be to announce an election for early December.

Labours best chance of a result is while he appears to be gaining the approval of some of the voters for his initial handling of the crisis and the Conservative lead is being cut.

OK, it might mean a narrow defeat, or possibly a hung parliament, but surely that is much better than the total oblivion that is likely when the results of the recession REALLY start to bite during the next 18 months.

He could argue that he has put plans in place to deal with the recession (which at least SOME people seem to approve of, according to the latest polls) and scare the voters by questioning if they wanted to put the inexperienced Conservatives in charge at such a perilous time.

Anonymous said...

And yesterday we had "NHS told to value life more": "people will have access to newer more expensive drugs", yadda yadda.

Yup. It all adds up.

If he holds Glenrothes we'll be on for February 2009.

And he will win.

Anonymous said...

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