Thursday, 6 August 2009

Would You Buy ... Anything From This Man ?

Page 3 to be charged for ? Sorry - *mate* - but if the FT can't make it stick, and the Economist can't make it stick, News Corps certainly can't.

Notice where I got that link from - *mate* ?
or this one?

As the spiteful sage Auberon Waugh said: for what Murdoch did at Wapping, he deserves a dukedom. For the rest ... well, good luck.



Michael Fowke said...

Isn't the FT doing all right?

Murdoch charging for content though is an absolute joke.

idle said...

I wouldn't call Bron Waugh spiteful. His was a harsh wit, but mostly fair.

If you want spite, read what la Toynbee had to say about him just after he died.