Thursday, 24 January 2013

Question Time: In ,out, in, out, in..or out edition.

 David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Weymouth. On the panel conservative health minister Anna Soubry MP, former Labour culture secretary Ben Bradshaw MP, former leader of the Liberal Democrats Ming Campbell MP, editor of Private Eye Ian Hislop and journalist Angela Epstein.

Enter your guess for what you believe the audience will ask the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply ;

rough scoring guide

bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point 
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked  - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 1 point {must guess before 9pm.}

This tournament is sponsored by Timbo 614
  Week 3:

GSD 20
Botogol 19
BQ(MP) 17
Measured 17
Timbo614 16
DtP 16
kynon 16
ND 16
Malcolm Tucker 14
Hopper 14

Budgie 9
Blue Eyes 7


Scan said...
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DtP said...

Does this count as first?

Nick Drew said...


1. is it right for Prince Harry to wallow in his killin' an' war-mongerin'?

2. should schools be shut at the drop of a flake of snow?

3. should women be allowed to be front-line soldiers?

4. some riff on the ball-boy nonsense, we must all pretend the soccer is important

5. ... and, yes, some riff on Dave / in-out / UKIP

Blue Eyes said...

1. Tie: Mauve


3. Can we trust politicians to keep their promises on EU referendums?

4. Should Kate Winslet play the leading role in her biopic? Will Richard Branson fund the movie?

5. Should Prince Harry get naked with the Taliban?

5.5. Should parents be able to spy on their children's internet and phone usage?

Blue Eyes said...

"Various special rules apply"

To be brought in retrospectively by SI while nobody is watching?

DtP said...

Europe, natch. 2 Q’s: Is the offer of a referendum by Cameron just a cynical ploy to disincentivise people from voting UKIP?

Why would the rest of Europe be in any way inclined to heed the wishes of Blighty?

Do the cuts to the army with Cameron’s expansionist intervention in the Magreb fundamentally break the military covenant?

Health – Mid Staffs – blahty blahty blah. Have the coalition’s top down proposals for the restructuring of the NHS come as a total distraction to health care on the eve of the Mid Staffs review?

Some Leveson shite considering Hislop is on.

Dimbo’s tie – lurid fuschia.

Couple of party lines – offering a referendum now will destabilize the British economy as we go into a triple dip. And, the Tory response of ‘offering the British people a voice for the first time since 1975’.

Hmm….think I’ve just bored myself!

Good luck fellow federalists!

Anonymous said...

you put your left wing in you pull your right wing out
in out in out shake em all about
you do the hokey pokey & you make em disunite !
that's what it's all about

hi ho the hokey croaky!
hi ho the standing jokey !
knees bend ! hands out !
shake 'em all about !

Botogol said...

Orange Dimbletie

Is David Cameron's negotiation strategy akin to pointing gun at his own head.

In the light of the IMF remarks today, do we need to rethink austerity.

Should 16 year olds get the right to vote

Is Diane Abbott right to worry about the pornification of Britain

Is Prince Harry an assett or a liability to the Army

Botogol said...

it's a bit of a low-powered panel. I feel sorry for Ian Hislop, I think he deserves to be part of a better line up.

Hopper said...

Tie: grey (studiously Euro-neutral, natch)

Only 4 this week:
1. Cameron offers a referendum, what took him so long: is this democracy in action or a cynical sop to UKIP?
2. Was Harry wise to say he slotted Taliban, and was it wise to let him do the slotting in the first place?
3. Why aren't we doing more about illegal tax avoidance?
4. How many snowy winters do we need before councils actually start to prepare for them?

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie - Green and red windmills.

1. Is Cameron destabilising Britain with his 5 year tour of euro capitals?

2. If the poor are starving, how come they are all so fat?

3. Is it right to cut the military to a reserve force only, and does this mean we can only wage war on weekends?

4. Pornification. Are your little ones dressed up like slags? .. Merges into check your teens emails every night. - Keyword "SEXTING"

5. Is Cameron really just mingling with fellow toffs and evil bankers in Davos? Is he there for any reason at all?

Kynon said...

Purple Dimbleby tie.

1. EU put your left leg in, EU put your left leg out...does the panel think that CMD is trying to prevent bleed of Tory voters to UKIP by promising a referendum (handily enough) if re-elected? (I expect the Labour chap to stick the boot in here)

2. Algerian hostage SNAFU - why wasn't something done to stop the Algerians wading in & resulting in twice as many hostages as kidnapper/terrorist/militants winding up dead? (Expect mention of the SAS)

3. Anna Soubrey - doesn't want to get "too preachy" about health, but doesn't let her kids say "fat", and wants to tell workers where they can & can't eat - what's that all about? (Batshit mentalist)

4. Prince Harry - glorifying taking human lives by likening it to playing videogames - would he have been better keeping his gob shut? (Probably, but he is fulfilling an important role by doing service for his country blah blah blah - also no-one want's to see ginger nuts, even if he *was* pissed in Vegas - should have kept his trews on.)

5. I'm spent. No further questions your honour.

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Yellow tie

1. EU referendum. About time or a cynical ploy to prevent a leadership challenge?

2. Who ate all the pies. It was the chavs.Should poor people have fruit vouchers?

3.Crime is at its lowest for 20 years. has the policy of not investigating crime, so no one bothers to report it anymore, paid off?

4. Arab spring. Why did we get involved when we get no thanks.

5. Should women go into the front line? Why not.

Budgie said...

No Thatcher tonight folks (that's silly it's the BBC so it must be Thatcher - Ed.)

1. Do you want beef with your horseburgers, Chum (or should that be Pal)? Tesco, Aldi, Lidl in the dock.

2. Yes, its the CMD show - has Cast Iron Dave split the Tory party? Has he capitulated to the loony fruitcakes - UKIP? Merkel makes encouraging noises while Hollande spits feathers, has the Franco-German motor broken down? Will Milliboy be in charge anyway in 2yrs 3months time?

3. Arab spring turning into a nightmare on Brotherhood/Talib/Jihadi Street? Syria, Algeria and now Libya (again).

4. Should people stay off work due to white global warming?

5. Gay marriage (cont. p94)?

measured said...

Timbo, I am indebted. You are such a gentlemen too, giving me a go on top of you.
BQ, a certain amount of tension exists between getting the wording correct and trying to be funny. I raise it, that is all.

Ok, guys:

1. OMG, have you seen those? They are huge. The Irish attempt at cooling the air. What an eye sore.

2. Saviour of the EU, leader of the G8, tackling the global tax dodgers, yet unemployment and triple dip, poor old Cameron. (I can’t believe that some of the PIIGS aren’t grateful to Cameron - ungrateful bastardoos, hoping their sauerkraut will be buttered.)

3. Now look here, we’ll have none of this Muslims versus Christians stuff.

4. Target culture. Lets aim to get people thinner. I am sure statistics never lie.

5. What did the members of the Panel learn at school which was useful and yet the Universities wouldn’t have taken this into account?

Bit of class…cerise swirls.

Timbo614 said...

A word from your sponsor (Made me laugh anyway).

1) What will the rest of Europe think of Cameron's plan A?

2) Should Millipede side with Cameroon instead of just being awkward because he didn't think of it first?

3) Death by prince - is it the best way to go?

4) Muslim Vigilantes - Who in the PC brigade is going to stop them if the PCs don't.

Only 4 2/3rds of program on Euro Cam-deal.

DimbleTie = Euro Blue with yellow circles instead of stars.

Sorry, too tired this week to even try and be funny.

P.S. Interesting blog articles this week - wanted to comment - too busy - when I got to it - too pisssed/tired :(

Timbo614 said...

@Measured > Timbo, I am indebted. You are such a gentlemen too, giving me a go on top of you.

I like being ridden :)

Hint: it is by scores then alphabetical - Techie style non-favouritism.

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Government move to disallow more FoI requests. Coupled with Leveson (& the EU's copy-cat response) are we moving into much darker days?

2) UK about to loose its AAA rating - is there a viable plan B (as the IMF suggest) in the wings?

3) Cameron's EU speech: was it cynical, meaningless or a brilliant trap aimed (if you can aim a trap!) at Labour?

4) Algeria/Lybia - what price the Arab Spring & how much more of this will we see? (secondary: Was the BBC justified in referring to the murderous terrorist bastards as "militants"?)

5) Should the voting age be lower to 16?

I'm too late for the Dimbletie to count, but I would have guessed lime-green.

Electro-Kevin said...

Stuff the in or out.

Yet again 'elf 'n' safety is being blamed for things such as school closure in snow. The entire panel did so.

It's nothing of the sort.

Those 'Where there's a blame there's a claim' adverts during chav time on TV ...

That's why the schools close. Fear of being sued the arse off.

No-win-no-fee lawyering and yet no-one on the panel mentions it. Not even Hislop.

Botogol said...

hmmm... 23.27 and I don't seem to have guessed many questions, and what's more: I completely forgot to be witty.


Bill Quango MP said...

Just fitted new power supply to the PC. Quite impressed with myself. it all seems to be working and no longer running at 90c.

Dimby tie is a navy, lime red orange and pale one with spaceships? on it. One point to everyone.

First question: Is the EU referendum in the national interest or in the interest of the Conservative Party?

Q2: Do schools close when it snows for safety of pupils and staff or fear of being sued or fined by health and safety "officer"?

Well worded question that wasn't really answered. despite HMG promising to stop the spread of elf and safe it continues on. Had the elf woman round the other day. And we'd only recently completed the 30 page form she sent in! SOD OFF! NOT ONE INJURY OF ANY KIND IN 30 YEARS! GO AWAY YOU STUPID BAT! GO AND LOOK FOR TRACTORS FALLING ON FARMERS..
{sorry about that}

Q3: Is George Osborne’s programme of spending cuts “credible”?

That wasn't answered either.

Q4: Do you agree with cuts to our armed forces as terrorism threat grows in North Africa?

Hislop highlighted the £37bn black hole in defence budget after Labour failed to even try and budget for its wars.
Audience asked ..Why not scrap Trident. A question that is going to keep on being asked until someone fesses up and says we can't keep our security council seat with nuclear arms. {Hope I haven't let the cat out of the bag..but its true}

Q5: Are poor people fat?
Everyone agrees that's likely, but no one wants to admit its so.
if only the Giles cartoon was still being drawn. What cartoon shape would the mum and dad be now?

Bill Quango MP said...


ND - 1 for tie +1 for first {DTP - First gets the extra point because everyone else nicks the best Qs from it} - 7

BE - 3 {yes those special rules are manifesto rules - They are whatever I want them to be and also whatever you think they might be}

Dick-TP - very good -7

Anon - like it . Hokey croaky

Botogol - Good spot on the IMF - 6
Hislop didn't get to say much. Wasn't too bad a show in the end.

Hopper also good - 7

BQ 8 {yep! check it yourselves - 8!}

Kynon another goodie -7

Malcolm Tucker - good -6

Budgie - slippery - 5

Measured. What's all this talk about you and Timbo getting on top of each other? Are you two buying bunk-beds or something?
- 5

Timbo614 - ok - 4

GSD - Good and another 7.

EK - I'm 100% in agreement. The moment Cherie Blair blowed Tone's ear{?} to make him allow 'no win no fees' and such, we turned into America.
Newspapers used to print stories of these crazy yanks..$100,000 because the coffee was too hot. $500,000 because the they fell down the stairs at JC Penny.. How we laughed.
And then they'd get a quote from some British judge who'd say

"Well..its all about reasonableness here ..I mean,fell down the stairs, eh? Got a bruise on the head..I see.. Well, that will fade in a few days..I suppose the cost of some asprin and some makeup and a few days pay for being off work. And a few pounds for hurt feelings..Shall we say £300 and the store gives a £10 voucher for some tea in the restaurant? ..Ok case falls over own feet in high street and blames paving stone?
..Fine him £10 for wasting court's valuable time and tell him to bloody well look where he's going in's a menace to other pedestrians..Next!

Winner was me and the prize was to decide on EU options.

I vote that the UK remains in the EU, but we expel France.

Nick Drew said...

expel ?

way, way too lenient, BQ

refund net CAP receipts on the way to the door, for starters

Blue Eyes said...

One of your special rules is that anyone who compares CU to Vince Cable gets -3 points before the show even starts!


measured said...

Timbo, do not prick the balloon of my fantasies. Men go to the front line on less and now women can go too. Lucky them.

No mutiny in the ranks BE. Just give me the points you want to discard.

Congratulations, BQ! How they call us, Vous ĂȘtes rosbeef. Lets hope they have to speak German soon.

Blue Eyes said...

Measured, happy for you to have my minus three points :-D

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue - Does that now make you minus six or does it make you zero ?

Are we talking debt or deficit here ?

Judging by his Political Broadcast this week Mr Cameron would doubtless score in your favour and try to please everyone rather than get it right.

Electro-Kevin said...

...Measured would end up plus three !

Blue Eyes said...

If Measured takes my minus points which I gained because I took the mick out of Vince CU Cable, then I would be three better off, obviously.

All's fair in love and BBCQT.

Bill Quango MP said...

BE - there is no minus three.

- 2pts for EU.
-1 pt for dimby tie
0 for the rest.

I have though, misunderstood your first Q for another EU one, whilst it was rightly an IMF one. So that's and additional 2, PLUS one for the Vince = CU which has been noted and enjoyed.

So, remind me next week to ADD three to your score.


Timbo614 said...

This is starting to sound like the 3 men buy a TV riddle ... Glad I'm handing over sponsorship to BQ enterprises this week :)

Sackerson said...

Yet aguin, yet again, dispute and not debate. One can see in this Dimbleby's eyes the anticipation of returning to his Elysian home on the Dart. The people show more and more sign of being better informed, and the people on the right side of the desk of being desperately impatient at having to condescend to them. Why, why does C@W bother to refer to this geneless interpenetration?

Bill Quango MP said...

Sackers : well..its something to do innit?

James Higham said...

1. Should Labour form a coalition with Cameron and go to the polls?

2. Should the Bill Quango be elected head of the 22 and lead the way to the Promised Land?