Saturday, 21 February 2015

Weekend Edification(1) - John Singer Sargent

Eugenia Errazuriz (detail)
I must heartily recommend the current National Portrait Galley exhibition, Sargent - Portraits of Artists and Friends.  

Sargent is right up there at the very highest point in portraiture.  The quality of his work is invariably top notch - I can think of none more consistent in any age - unlike (say) the comparable and broadly contemporary Whistler, Atkinson Grimshaw and Manet, the latter of whom could produce some really dreadful stuff on a bad day.

Well worth the time: and if you've any left over well, I chose the The Real Tudors, even if a bit Wolf-Hall derivative.  Just couldn't face the Grayson Perry, Who Are You? - whatever his merits on a different day, today I decided I didn't want to find out.

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JS said...

I've not seen the Grayson Perry display but his Channel 4 series on his commission was as top notch as ever. His everyman approach as also well shown in his Reith Lectures on "What is Art" last year. Great chap.

Jer said...

I've not seen this Grayson Perry exhibition, and after seeing his tapestries don't have the slightest urge.

I saw no merit in that work, on any level.

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