Friday, 13 March 2015

Miliband- kitchen sink speech

Update to the Family Guy story

Ed Milikitchen sink speech.

I care eNeff about the British people. I am not some SMEG faced politician salad spinning fancy words and waffle ironing on. 

I know about the daily coffee grinder that hardworkingfamilies face. I know the salad strainer of daily life.
That's why I want to rolling pin up my sleeves and start baking this country great again.
No more austerity. No more Bodum tax. 
Yes, we must ensure we keep the stockpots market rising like a freshly baked loaf from an Eleganto breadmaker. so there will be some cookie cutters to public services. But these will be water softener cuts than what the Tories would make.
They would take us away from the Bosch dishwasher with their Miele mouthed words; to the mangle and butcher's sink of the 1930s. That is simply a crock pot.
There is no Magimix answer. No easy-clean saucepan answer to today's tough, stubborn stains. But Labour will ensure hobs for young people. Russel Hobbs for ALL people. 
I promise to fridge-Freeze energy prices. And self-raise the minimum sage.
So I say .. go back to your your Italian fireclay kitchen sink and prepare for gourmet-ment.
Yes We Can-opener !!


Demetrius said...

Oh very good, very good. It may be that Ed will be known to history as the man who put kitsch into kitchen.

BE said...

Tough on grime, tough on the causes of grime?

E-K said...

I make-a damage o' de 'conmy ?

One shiit - 'e do plenty !

(Brilliant BQ and BE)

Nick Drew said...

My kitchen came from B&Q enterprises, thus lining your pocket Mr Q

Jan said...

You forgot a mention of teflon Tony in the history of kitchensinkdom!

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