Saturday, 29 October 2016

Press Freedoms On The Line

The writings of Roy Greenslade are frequently suspect, but on this occasion I think he deserves a hearing.

It's about what he reckons is a backdoor way of getting the shocking 'section 40' into law.  Section 40, if triggered, means that a publisher that has not signed up with the 'official UK press regulator' and gets sued for libel, must pay the legal costs of both sides, even if they win.  At the moment S40 is in abeyance.  This sword of damocles should be consigned to the furnace, not left lying around for malicious implementation.

What's wrong with forcing publishers to sign up?  Earlier this week it was IMPRESS, Max Mosley's vehicle for revenge on the press, that was annointed 'official UK press regulator'.  (The fact that JK Rowling and Rowntree are also involved does not make me feel any the more comfortable.)

And we consider ourselves a free nation?  You couldn't, as they say, make it up.  Heaven help us.



John in Cheshire said...

Why aren't the MSM making a huge fuss about this?

Steven_L said...

Max Mosely doesn't want revenge on the press, he just wants to keep reminding people about his bids 'nazi orgy' because he has a public humiliation fetish.

Steven_L said...

oops, apple corrected 'bdsm' to 'bids'...

Electro-Kevin said...

I despair of my country. I seriously despair. There is a ruling celebrigentsia which badly needs sorting out.

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