Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sunday Business Round-up - linkfest

So may interesting themes this week that the normal 10 link approach is just not going to do it justice.

Reflecting on this, the modern globalised world, with billions more people than just a generation ago, really is more complex and inter-related than ever before. As such, seemingly unrelated and distant events now play on each other and produce strange and unpredictable events. Perhaps this is the real rise of the growth in hedge funds and other such vehicles, gambling on what has become an economic model too complex to understand or predict accurately.

Anyway, the start today has, as usual to be Northern Rock. Yet more twists and turns this week as the Government shows its desperation to get Branson to bail them out. I have severe doubts this is legal and will look up the euro law later this week and do a post. The Government is also looking at its tripartite system, now focusing on the FSA, no doubt some sacrificial victims will be found here rather than in Downing Street.

As if that is not bad enough, then our Great Leader has plenty more bad news in the press. The government finances are in a mess, the currency problem may cloud the way forward to solving the coming recession. Despite this there are pleas to not cut spending and make the situation worse.

So in the real world, other than a massacre on the markets this week, what other news is there? Well commercial property business is in such dire straights that market participants are trying to peddle back away from the cliff edge; And on the UK High Street it was the worst Christmas for 13 years. The stock markets reputation is also in trouble. Northern Wreck has of course helped this no end!

The UK of course is not alone, here are two good stories about problems in Japan and the next disasters to hit Wall Street - more junk bonds...

With all this macroeconomic activity, the pound falling and psychology affecting the market, our companies are well primed for foreign take-over. So what do you know, a long list this week, from Rio Tinto, to BMI and Biffa.

Happy Clicking!


Old BE said...

Guardian calls for more public spending shock!

Interesting that the Times article on how wonderful the pound's devaluation is didn't mention the possibility of an increase in already high inflation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gordon, do you remember when we were much younger and you bounced a cheque on me? Well, such was your obvious ambition to be PM one day that I kept it, and eventually gave it to my wife. It's in our attic still. If you'd like it back, all we'd want in return is Northern Rock. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the economists that are paid to be optimistic are now claiming that the devalued pound will help exports. In practice that is not the case. With the government now employing the bulk of the population the only way in which the private sector could expand is if the public sector were to contract first - or if the private sector were to suck in yet more imigrants.

Ellee Seymour said...

Lots of bad news stories here, is there any good financial news at the moment?

Anonymous said...

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