Sunday, 20 January 2008

What is it about this happy homecoming . . .

. . . that fails to inspire 100% confidence ?


Newmania said...

That is brilliant !!! I stared at it for about a minute before my brain cleared

Anonymous said...

BBC have been doing nothing but report this story non stop for days.
Five live had at least 5 separate phone ins and reports going on, followes by discussion, updates and then full on Tv coverage and a full reporting of the press conference

Match of the day even ran with that dismal newcastle game 0 - 0 as the FIRST item ??

I don't recall Jol Lee Hutchings Davies Sanchez or even Mourinho's successors getting this kind of over the top reaction.

Even the arrival of Erickson [ also a former and far far more successful england manager] didn't excite this frenzy.

Notably the other TV/radio channels [ barring those obviosly connected .. sky sports .. talk sport etc ] have not jumped into this story in the same frenzied and largely uncritical way.

Non MOTD or 5 live pundits are in agreement with CU over the wisdom of this appointment.

I had no idea that the BBC loved Newcastle so much or that Alan Shearer had so much influence...

Do the Beeb have a big stake in Northern wreck ?

PS . My favourite comment so far from a text some 90 mins after keegans appointment

from A GEORDIE..
'Kevin has had long enough in charge now to make a difference. i believe he has taken the club as far as he can and we should be looking around for a relacement.'

Old BE said...

The BBC have a stake in saving Labour's face with Northern Rock. Poor old Newcastle couldn't be sponsored by a more appropriate company.

Anonymous said...

There's nowt wrong wi' Newcassel that about 15 decent players wouldn't fix..

Anonymous said...

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