Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Blogging Business links

It has been a while since we last looked at this and it is about time there was a better set of links to the best business blogs in the UK (and our US cousins):

BBC business blog - Robert Peston does a sterling job of explaining complex issues in a simple manner and has a take of events that is far from the BBC norms of behaviour.

Tim Worstall - Excellent intellectual comment on business and economics stories each day.

Burning Our Money - Expose site of UK Government waste, not for the financially faint-hearted.

Mark Wadsworth - Accountant with attitude

Two Wolves - Perspectives from an City insider with a personal touch

House Price Crash - The very opposite of property porn!

UK House Bubble - Scary analysis of the state of the UK housing market

Stumbling and Mumbling - Insightful comment from a confirmed marxist, you won't read that too often....

iii blog - Richard Beddard writes a good corporate investor blog

new economics - UK based think tank

Labour and Capital - A view of economics from the left - thoughtful.

adam smith institute - Premier institution that publishes a great range of well thought out economic arguments and fights the fight against economic illiteracy.

economics uk - Top UK economist shares his views

Mediaocracy - Economics professor with a fantastic angle on modern society

And for our US cousins here are the 5 sites I visit most often - between them they don't miss much if anything:

Mess that Greenspan made
The Big Picture
Discursive Monologue
Abnormal Returns
Hedge Fund implode

Any I have missed please make them known in the comments - no doubt I have committed a howler and left of someone great by accident....


hatfield girl said...

Alice's UK House Bubble is particularly fine because you don't have to even read the words - just the wonderful, devastating graphs.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Mighty Mish.

Sackerson said...

...and Karl Denninger, who's getting really righteous in his wrath these days, but is also seemingly very technical and astute in investment.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta muchly for inclusion.

Anonymous said...

someone I know works for MBNAs unsecured loans collection department and they told me that the rate of non payment has risen from 8% to about 55% in the last 3 months. Just thought you might be interested...

Anonymous said...

My daughter has just been offered a Platinum Card by MBNA. Her current earnings - nil.

CityUnslicker said...

HG - thanks, i agree is a very good new site.

Dearime - yes that is a good one

Sackerson -oops,missed you too!

Mutley - yes credit cards will be the next sub-prime, well prompted will do another piece on this soon.

Tom Powdrill said...

cheers for the nod.

I've got to admit I quite like Tim Worstall's stuff, despite the lack of political common ground.

Going Private is a great private equity related blog

and Naked Capitalism isn't a bad general economics site (ought to add it to my own list actually)

Anonymous said...

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