Thursday, 12 June 2008

Why 42 was the chosen number

Mr Brown thought long and hard and decided to use a number without any bad connotations.

1 .. One career in the balance
2 .. Two pence fuel duty planned rise
3 .. Three % is now even the CPI inflation figure
4.. Four. Channel Four making that documentary about where it all went wrong
5 .. Five years in Iraq..
6.. Six % is likely the real inflation figure
7 .. Seven days a week Mr Brown spends thinking about helping the UK
8 .. Eight Billion pledged to spend on affordable housing
9 .. Nine thousand number of jobless claiming benefits increased by in May
10 .. Ten is the Number of my House
11 .. Eleven is the number of my old house
12 .. Twelve % was the drop of the Pound to a basket of currencies in April
13 .. Thirteen !! No Way
14 .. Fourteen days between rubbish collection now
15 .. Fifteen pounds average loss of a low paid worker due to 10p tax rate change
16 .. Sixteen mobile phones since October
17 .. Seventeen Percent swing to Tories in Crewe and Nantwich
18 .. Eighteen hundred jobs announced to be axed by Aviva last week
19 .. Nineteen.. n n n nineteen... average age of a soldier
20 .. Twenty Percent. Liberal Democrats Poll Ratings
21 .. Twenty one pence rate of rebate truckers want to end fuel protests
22 .. Twenty Two % was the doctors pay increase awarded in error 2006
23 .. Twenty Three million pounds of Labour Party debt
24 .. That TV show all the media are pinching the graphics from
25 .. Twenty Five hundred Post Offices closed 2008
26 .. Twenty Six percent is Labour Party poll rating
27 .. Twenty Seven percent increase in factory gate inflation figures this year.
28 .. Twenty Eight days is the current number of days for detention without trial
29 .. Twenty nine seats the government held in 1906. the wheel turns full circle..?
30 .. Thirty. number of Cleggovers.. Don't go there
31 .. Thirty One hundred new criminal offences created in nine years by Mr Blair
32 .. Thirty Two % of people who still trust Alistair Darling on the economy
33 .. Thirty Three % of students currently overdrawn by more than £1250
34 .. Thirty Four normal number of rebel Mps
35 .. Thirty Five Labour MPs that the GMB Union has decided to withdraw funding for.
36 .. Thirty Six weeks since Mr Brown didn't call an election
37 .. Minus thirty seven is Gordon Brown's personal poll rating [ from a high of plus 48]
38 .. Thirty Eight thousand rise in UK unemployment figures for May
39 .. Thirty Nine Billion was pledged to be spent on government projects in the first 7 weeks of Mr Brown's premiership.
40 .. Forty % increase in the price of eggs this year.
41 .. Forty One Percent. Mr Brown's poll rating when he became Prime Minister

42.. ???????????? Yep that's the one!!

43.. Forty Three percent current UK taxation level
44 .. Forty Four out of the 101 is the number of missed targets set by Gordon Brown at the last spending review 2007...
45 .. ..................... etc


Mark Wadsworth said...

Awesome! How long did it take your 'researcher' to compile that?

Letters From A Tory said...

Superb post. Maybe 42 was indeed the 'missing link' in the evolution of government policy?

Anonymous said...

I thought 42 was the meaning to life, the universe and everything.

Or just 6weeks....

Anonymous said...

I was born in '42. Perhaps I am the missing link?

Anonymous said...

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