Saturday, 6 September 2008

Google is 10: is Chrome the killer App?

Google host our blog for free and provide the best analytics as well as advertising. I have a lot of admiration for a company that can be so consumer friendly. In fact with customer service and innovation so high on the companies agenda it does not surprise me that this company is 10 years old and yet valued at $140 billion.

To makr its 10th and also to try and out-compete Microsoft Google has launched its new Browser, Chrome. I am not much of a techie but could see little in it for the end user over say Mozilla. What is the master stroke is making the product open-source, the opposite of Microsoft; this enables other companies to benefit from Google's work and then customise and develop the application. Google wins because it is more customer friendly. people tend to use Microsoft because they have to for browsing.

With the continuing focus on innovation and pleasing corporate and personal users, Google is stuck with a winning strategy. It is an excellent business case example, focus on customers happiness and innovation then everything else will fall into place. Happy Birthday Google.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I am also a big fan of Google and their overall business strategy and model over the years.

Few companies are customer orientated today and rely on the glossy ads, while Goggle went the opposite way and made a clean and uncluttered interface which was unlike almost every other web search or site.

Good on them.

CityUnslicker said...

all good ideas can be presented simply, even if the underlying part is unfathomably complex. Google nailed it.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Chrome is an application platform, not merely a web-browser.

Anonymous said...

I would give it a try, but they didn't have a Mac version when I checked AND, my company's intranet page had a stern warning about not using Chrome on company laptops.

I like the whole idea of independent tabs (I think Microsoft came up with this a earlier this summer with one of its betas). I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have a tab that can crash the whole browser.

Anonymous said...

For those who missed it, there is a piece at The Register blog counselling caution re this one.

Old BE said...

I have installed it but can only (so far) see cosmetic differences. I think the big changes will come when Google services start to be integrated into the browser.

Man in a Shed said...

As a bit of Techie I'll be looking for some more customisation than is on offer just now.

However Google - and oddly enough Amazon - impress hugely.

I was looking at setting up a company Wiki type site - but then discovered Google's sites . Most of the functionality with hardly any of the hassle.

Chrome is a necessary step for Google to allow their office killer services to function effectively enough ( as anticitzenone says).

Microsoft should be very, very worried.

James Higham said...

Nice ad.

Anonymous said...

Google has a friendly, chilled out public face but I am increasingly worried by the way they are going - did you see the licence agreement "mistake"?

Matt Wardman said...

I'm concerned about Google's interlocking effective monopolies; they are far more ubiquitous than MS were.

Standard Oil Mk II, possibly.

At some stage there will be regulatory intervention.

Anonymous said...

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