Friday, 5 September 2008

News From The Front: Re-Launch, Week 1

A week into Gordon Brown's life-and-death re-launch offensive, and he has lost ground on all fronts. Field-Marshal Cameron and Probationer-General Osborne have not needed to rouse themselves from the comfort of the officers' mess, however, because

(a) behind Brown's lines,
an explosion of honesty from General Darling threw his troops into complete disarray before a shot had been fired.

(b) his flanks were promptly raked by unexpected fire from the International Brigade of the OECD

(c) former General Clarke carried a suspicious-looking briefcase into the map-room, causing a day to be lost while it was being defused.

Early news from the Energy front, widely believed to have been targetted for a further push next week, suggests that it is covered by a large and impenetrable minefield.

Meanwhile, the FX markets continue to deliver their dispassionate verdict ...



patently said...

Oh ... has the promised dramatic-Gordon Brown-all-guns-blazing-media-offensive-relaunch already started?

Must have missed it :-(

Old BE said...

What I want to know is: am I a bad person for laughing at Brown's misfortunes?

Bill Quango MP said...

BE: Its wrong to mock the self-inflicted

Old BE said...

I know and I feel bad. I will chip in for a taxi to take him to a mental hospital.

patently said...

Sorry, it's far too soon after 31 July 2008 for me to have a shred of sympathy for Gordon.

Sadly for him, it's also fast becoming too close to 31 January 2009 for me to have any sympathy, either... :o)

Anonymous said...

There was a relaunch,damn I missed it oh well there will be another along in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

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