Saturday, 1 August 2009

A good Capitalist name...

The latest Master Unslicker is as yet unnamed.
This weekends task is to find a suitably Capitalist sounding name for the little chap.
I am informed that Mrs Unslicker will judge the entries, so as many as possible please as she rarely glances at CUs predictions, preferring Marjorie Orr's page for her market investments.

I offer up:

and, of course, Fred.


OldSouth said...

Horatio Alger Unslicker

Cornelius Vanderbilt Unslicker

Andrew Carnegie Unslicker

Thomas Edison Unslicker

Houdini said...

For various reasons, Chester.

Winston would be a good capitalist name.

idle said...

Milton Unslicker

Tata Mallya Hinduja Unslicker

Li Ka Shing Unslicker

Christopher Fildes Unslicker

lilith said...

Mittal Greenspan Seralan Unslicker

Anonymous said...

Bradford -

Sue-me said...


John M Ward said...

In the same way as the actors T P McKenna and A Martinez, I offer:

T. Hatcher

Croydonian said...

Based on all time achievement, it would have to be John, as in Rockefeller.

My bias is showing, but William seems to have done a certain Mr Gates some service too.

Old BE said...


Old BE said...

(not the same William that Croydonian suggests!)

Bill Quango MP said...

What about the greatest capitalist of all time.
The one who abolished boom and bust.


Saturn V said...

Mervyn ?

someday said...


“Ayn” rhymes with “mine”.

Nick Drew said...

Gresham "Bubbles" Unslicker

measured said...

Congratulations! I hope mum and baby are doing well. "A good Capitalist Name...."?

Well, Rich comes to mind, or Alex or Clive.

On a bit more of an exotic curve, Laffer or Lorenz.

On the other hand, with older siblings, this little one could be a Bear and he will most certainly have to be Hardy.

Anonymous said...


Pick a nice name like Ian/Ivan/Euan/Sean/John/Juan

Demetrius said...

Arnold Nesbitt (Crash of 1772).

John Law (Banque Royale).

Charles Ponzi.

Anonymous said...

What about Ive Madeoffwithit.

James Higham said...

Congrats and all that. How about Winston?

Houdini said...

Master City Unslicker III

Good capitalists always have to be the third...

dearieme said...

You'll have to call him after two great economists. I offer you the choice - either Maynard Friedman Unslicker, or Milton Keynes Unslicker.

woman on a raft said...

Any name you choose will be zedded, so bear it in mind:

Lorenzo Carnegie - Lozza Cozzer

Maynard Friedman - Mozza Frozzer

Bradley Bingley - Bizza Brazzer

Ricardo Winston - Rizza Wizzer

Alex becomes Lezza, so that's definitely out.

What about James? Even though you'll have to endure a period of Jazza Mazzer, James Matthew is a classy name and will work nicely for the 100 years when he isn't a child.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Dearieme snuck in one of my favourite jokes.

But who are the best capitalists around today? Richard (Branson), Philip (Green), William (Gates) and Steven (Jobs). All nice boring MOR names, you can't go wrong with any of those.

Anonymous said...

Rothschild unslicker

Berlusconi said...

What about Silvio.
That's a spicy a meatball

Anonymous said...


Sackerson said...


CityUnslicker said...

thanks for al of these, still negotiating with MRS Unslicker.

Currently still 'baby' Unslicker.

Devil's Kitchen said...

How about Alexander, Christopher or Felix...?

Or the name of one of literature's best known teddy-bears: Aloysius...?


charcoal said...


How about

Rachman Hoogstraten Unslicker