Friday, 5 June 2009

What a disaster. Live !

Poor Gordon, trying to conduct a reshuffle, being undermined by his new appointments quitting as he speaks. Gordon has denied that he ever wanted to move the chancellor from his post. Brown is using his ability to tell and retell a lie over and over while making it sound like the truth to great effect. He even managed to make the appointments of Dawn Primalo and Glynis Kinnock sound like the bringing in of positive assets to his government, instead of the scrapings at the bottom of a very empty barrel.

Here we have had a sweepstake on future cabinet appointments this week. I thought I was on a loser with my poor picks, but now I'm not so sure.

- Gary Neville
- Adam West
- Katie Price
- Diversity
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes

{ if you want to play yourselves its easy. Pick a cabinet post, say minister for local government, and then go to google serchbox. close your eyes and bash the keyboard three times. The first coherent name out is your choice. Try it.Best entries into the comments for final adjudication
It seemed a far-fetched way to run a country last week, but today..its as good as any other method in use.}


Mark Wadsworth said...

OK, using your method, for Work & Pensions Secretary I nominate Ghaidan.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I looked for Minister of Defence and they couldn't find anyone at all!

dearieme said...

Minister for Justice - Joey Barton.

Nick Drew said...

Using your method, CU .. here we go - *bash-bash-bash*

Tom Driberg

- but that can't be right, he's a Russian spy and a cottager, couldn't possibly be a Labour MP

Try again ....

Roy Hattersley

- nope, he's a fictional character, from Dickens if I remember correctly

One last go ...

George Brown

oh, he seems eminently qualified: brilliant economist, working-class roots, alcoholic, great socialist credentials .. oh wait, he's already in his box

Gordon's Brown said...

Pensions - Lyndon Johnson
Transport - Jenson Button
culture - Qui-Gon Jinn
defence - Brian May

you know, it sort of works..

Demetrius said...

At least Sir Ranulph Fiennes got somewhere he intended to to to.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

My God - IT WORKS.

I thought PM / Chancellor was too obvious so I took Home Secutary

bish, bash, bosh ....

Stains, an Australian Shepard on "It's Me Or the Dog,"

Excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

It really does work! look..
Speaker {bash-bash} - Stephen Hawkins.

"Oar-dah Oar-dar. Yue have to reee-speckt the- oar-four-ity of - the - chair.The rocket chair- - What's that. Do you want sum? Up y-oars Balls - you lard-arse."

I'd watch that show.

Pogo said...

@Nick Drew: George Brown

oh, he seems eminently qualified: brilliant economist, working-class roots, alcoholic, ...

Good old George, the man who prompted a statement in (IIRC) "The Times" that "George Brown drunk is a better man than the Prime Minister (Harold Wilson) sober.." :-)

Ah.. The "Good Old Days".

eda said...