Friday, 2 October 2009

Playing the Cnut: Brown Invokes Camelot

And there's a legal limit to the snow here - in Camelot!" (Good King Arthur)

Our ambition is no less than to beat cancer in this generation” (Bad King Gordon)

Yes, Gordon Brown can legislate for anything. Be it fiscal responsibility or meeting carbon emissions targets, it can all be made ‘legally binding’. And what does this mean ? Let’s have a little look at the CO2 target, shall we, there’s already an Act of Parliament on that:

"The Secretary of State may by order amend the percentage [i.e. target] specified in section 1(1) …if it appears to the Secretary of State that there have been significant developments in— (i) scientific knowledge about climate change, or (ii) European or international law or policy" (Climate Change Act 2008 Part 1, Sect 2)

Oh, that sort of 'legally binding' !

*enter Richard Harris stage left*

It's true! It's true! McBrown has made it clear
That climate change was outlawed late last year !

A pledge was made a year ago or two here,

to someone Mandy met upon a yacht.

There’ll be a limit on the CO2 here - in Camelot !

The national debt will halve by the Olympics

(It sounds quite good but doesn’t mean a lot)

In short, the Scottish clot has figured his best shot

Is gesturing and posturing to us - in - Ca - me - lot



Old BE said...

Succinctly put.

Of course there is also the issue of parliament legislating for its own future actions, which of course it cannot, which is why until now we haven't had such ridiculous gesture legislation.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

On second thoughts,let's not go to Camalot. It is a silly place.

Mitch said...

Oh brave sir de da de da

James Higham said...

This has turned into a literary blog. :)

measured said...

Very astute. What colour were those pills to cure impotence? Brown will believe he can just double the dose.