Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Blair return

I have heard, via the Tory Party conference, that Tony Blair and George Osborne are indeed in meetings re a new 3rd way initiative. Blair is keen to come back to politics to offer something to Lefties that is not Corybn Communism.

Equally, Osborne can see he is a busted flush with the Tories, he can only come back in the event of a cataclysm event which has somehow done for Mrs May - in which case he won't be PM anyway.

So perhaps instead, there is a path for them to forge this new, shiny, 3rd way party.

Lovely gossip I thought; apart from including Gordon Brown it is hard to consider how you could make a more voter repellent grouping than this?

What could be worse, suggestions in the comments....


Anonymous said...

George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and Caroline Lucas forming a new party would be pretty horrific.

andrew said...

In the spirit of the new age where celebrities become politicians...

harold shipman and fred west form a party where the main policies are support for housebuilders and the NHS

... the thing is they would probably get a lot of votes.

Dick the Prick said...

The 3rd way was only ever a vehicle to detoxify, I don't think it ever had any inherent value other than an objective not to scare the voters. It's ancient history now.

Fair play to them, all in favour of dissenting voices but this is such a Westminster Village circle-jerk, one wonders if anyone will notice.

James Higham said...

Blair is keen to come back to politics to offer something to Lefties that is not Corybn Communism.

Yep, globalist communism with a Tory face.

Blue Eyes said...

I do hope you are right. A new Eurocommunist "Centre" party is exactly what we need to brighten up the staid political scene in the UK.

What a podium full of floor-fillers: Blair, Osborne and Clegg as a new "gang of three"!

All they need is a logo and a rosette colour and a landslide majority awaits!

Raedwald said...

Oh yes please - let it be so!

I'd love nothing more than for Blair to stand for election and discover just how much he is loathed by every cohort of the British people outside a tiny Westminster bubble. His public humiliation would be absolute.

Bill Quango MP said...

Blair and Clegg to form a coalition of Remainers party.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I met an Irishman a few years ago (in a pub, of course), whose political heroes were George Galloway and Emmanuel Shinwell.

I thought at the time it was a remarkable combination.

Nick Drew said...

Manny Shinwell! - there's a name to conjour with

some of those C20 Labour figures were amazing characters: now look what we've got

Anonymous said...

Lucas is pushing for a progressive left which are the Greens, LibDems and rLabour (Labour - Momentum) and has been holding local meetings only last month. They see a void in the centre ground since May thinks the "centre" is now somewhere on the right wing of the Conservatives.

Perhaps they are considering joining this progressive left - of right wing extremists.

It's a funny old world.

PS I'd like to apologise on behalf of the British people for Tony Blair and George Osborne.

Charlie said...

The centre is way more to the right than Westminster and most of the media believes.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Lord Mangledbum will be in there somewhere.

Electro-Kevin said...

What could be worse than the second coming of Blair ?

The second coming of Christ - after all the wanking I've done I'll have some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly think of nothing more likely to cement Brexit than a Blair-led Remoaner charge. In Blairs head, it'd be Washington's crossing of the Delaware, in reality more like Custer trotting up towards Little Big Horn.

The British Pro-Euro Left love their strange bedfellows, as they're currently inline with the 1%ers they're usually aiming brickbats at, but I think even they'd baulk at Toxic Tony - and his new sidekick, Gurning Gideon - rocking up to save the day. More Berk and Windy, than Mork and Mindy (nono-nono, not nanu-nanu!)

If they want back that bad, I suggest the two of them having a crack at X-Factor as a modern Simon and Garfunkel, Tone on guitar, Osbo on... Well, hopefully some really good Es. Clegg can have a crack at being a Bez type character, after all he's used to being on the big stage and adding little value other than presence. He may prove a genius with the maracas and become loved by students again.

I can just hear them now, on stage singing The Brexiter, Hollande Bound, Mrs Merkel and Bridge Over Troubled English Channel. I'm sure the crowd would supply the sound of silence.

Tony said...

A shag with Cherie.

dearieme said...

"some of those C20 Labour figures were amazing characters": many of them in the pay of the USSR.

Nick Drew said...

I am related to Margaret Bondfield, first woman cabinet minister (and assuredly not in the pay of the USSR)

some of her stories are hilarious

L fairfax said...

I think Blair by giving houses to EU immigrants whilst we couldn't afford them, did more to help the UK leave the EU than Nigel Farrage.
It certainly made me vote leave, I might not have done if housing had been affordable in 2001 and I had not seen people get off the plane and get nice housing instead of me.

Electro-Kevin said...

There seem to be a lot of women with baybee buggies, accompanied by swarthy young-ish males with walking sticks attempting (what looks to me) very dodgy looking limps.

Someone's clearly told them how to max out bens 'round 'ere.

Electro-Kevin said...

... it was hard enough to take when it was our lot doin' it.

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