Friday, 10 November 2006

Culture Clash

Nick Griffin and his henchman have been found innocent of charges brought against them of inciting racial hatred. This followed an undercover BBC investigation. (here)

Given their defence, that they were attacking Islam as a fanatical culture rather than race of skin colour (he even use the Koran as
evidence); I am not surprised that he won his case.

Two points strike me here:

1. How long until the government changes the law to cover 'cultural' as well as racial discrimination?

A long time I hope, as this would be a massive restriction on free speech.

2. So many of the follow-up cases to TV undercover investigations fail. Clearly they have sought shock value over fact. The recent football bribes being another case of this. How long until the Police start to sue TV Companies for wasting their time?

UPDATE: For the record it took Peter Hain, (surprise eh!), two hours and 1o minutes to suggest new laws were needed to prevent the CPS from looking silly in court again.


Anonymous said...

Baloney. How long before we drop the entire pointless state mind control and make up out own minds . Cultures are not all of equal value . I beg leave to disapprove of a Nazi Party member before I have gone to tea and heard his sad story of childhood misery.
Many evils stem from this cultural relativism . It came from the Liberal educational establishment originally and has since been used to justify one absurdity after another.

I do not agree.
You are wrong

Boo Hisss !!

CityUnslicker said...

I am against cultural relativism; that is the point!

Anonymous said...

Of course there is a difference between racial and religious incitement, they should have realised after the first trial. What a waste of money.

Bel said...

A law to outlaw 'cultural discrimination'?

What a truly frightening thought. Not far-fetched though, knowing this Government. Let's just hope none of them read your post.

A properly constituted jury, in full possession of all the admissible evidence, having heard all the submissions, applying the existing law, found them not guilty. That is obviously not enough for our meddling thought-policing Government.

Anonymous said...

Hain is looking to enhance his profile, as are ALL the new labour hierarchy...let's not forget that the membership is down to 40% what it was in 1997 and the unions are deserting them, and all in spite of the fantastic job they have done [sic] They are spinning like mad to any story that deflects attention from little snippets like that, and much worse.

Positive discrimination has caused the problems, not the BNP, who have been in existence for a considerable time, and if there was reason for them to exist then it wouldn't...a bit like the CRE...if integration is demanded, as it should be, why does the BNP or CRE even exist?

All discrimination laws should be scrapped from race, religion and homos etc. because it is counter-productive and when the socialists get their control it is discriminatory against the majority.

Phewwww, and not one fucking swear word ô¿ô

Praguetory said...

There's many a trial that gets kicked out because of a low likelihood of conviction. With these inciting racial hatred trials the CPS seems willing to give any long-shot a whirl provided the defendants are white.

Anyway, let's keep fighting Labour.

Anonymous said...

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