Monday, 22 May 2017

End game of the election....

Not long to go now in the UK General Election.

Half-term next week so in real terms this is the pen-ultimate week of campaigning in main, so the last few key points will be focused upon.

Labour have had a stroke of luck, now being able to go on and on about Tories murdering old people and grabbing inheritance (which is surely a Labour policy, but, hey-ho). This will get tedious.

Now the tough stuff is out of the way for the Tories, they can get back to reminding everyone that about Jezbollah and McIRA are not, er, patriots (well, not for this country anyway).

And then Brexit. Which has been forgotten for a bit, that can come back now.

The Lib Dems will play into that too and UKIP so it should be a free run to get that back as the Focus.

So that is the attack lines and newspapers written for the next 2 weeks.

My only thought, is surely for Labour, they must discover that Dianne Abbott's long-lost auntie is sick in the Caribbean and she must be called away for a family emergency until around June 9th?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Can Corbyn Win?

I have always loved UK politics, I remember being very into the 1987 General Election, I was 12! I guess that makes me a nerd. I was even a very active activist for a while in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

As such, I reckon I know quite a bit about the subject. So I can't really believe what I am about to write, but here goes.

Theresa May's manifesto launch was awful, really awful. The BBC focused on protestors, the policies were anti-old people, anti-libertarian, tax rises and doom and gloom. And even with that it still did not reduce the deficit properly.

Corbyn launched Labour's fantasy manifesto to a group of highly-motivated toddlers who clapped and cheered. People talked about how some of these policies were a good idea; in the same way that the sun rising and blue skies are nice, but still. They did.

The Lib Dems, having chosen the worst strategy ever, being pro-remain, economically lefty and socially liberal  in the UK in 2017 is, well, politically toxic. They also have some sort of stop-motion model as their leader. They will lose seats in the election and they only had 8 to start with.

UKIP, well, UKIP. I pity the receptacle of my vote for the past 10 years. They too have a total plonker as loser, having rejected some better ones along the way. They have no coherent policy base to speak of and have to hope they will keep some vote share. Their vote share though will be around 1/3rd of what it was just 2 years ago. Their victory in Brexit was awesome, their usefulness to UK domestic politics is at an end.

So now the polls are showing UKIP and Lib Dems as near wipeouts. The loony Greens can happily vote Labour as they have the same mad policy platform.

But Labour have the momentum, they started from a low base so just adding on the suicidal Lib Dems vote, shows them to be firming up. The Tories, having started so high, could literally only go backwards - and they are, albeit very slightly.

May gambled that an honest manifesto which was realistic could work. Perhaps she was wrong. Many people are silly these days;

 'I'll vote for Corbyn, then I won't have to pay Uni for my kids, someone else will"

Of course someone does, but that someone is not you, it is those evil businesses and city types and those baby-eating Tories. I watched a bit of the ITV debate last night, it is sad how partisan the Country now is, the Tories made out to be actually evil and 'murdering the disabled.'

So Corbyn has the momentum, plus he can campaign, it is thing. The press are bored of reporting the Diane Abbot levels of incompetence, so look for them in the Tories too, when the comparison is fatuous. The Tory front bench has little real talent. The Labour front bench is actually full of morons, Angela Rayner struggles to even string a sentence together; it is woeful.

So there are only 2 scenario's; Labour advanced, the Tories wobble and the election gets much close. After all, if May gets less than 50 majority she will in reality look a fool for holding the election.

Or perhaps people get over this mid-election wobble and flood back to the Tories at the end.

The way I see Corbyn winning is not in 2017 however, but in 2022. Brexit will be hard, the EU will make it tough, a recession is nailed on for sometime in the next 5 years. A Labour party within a few points of the Tories in 2017, will win in 2022 - imagine if that is a party still led by the hard left SJW faction! It will be time to emigrate, sharpish.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Loach has Done For Corbyn

The 'genius of Ken Loach' must, I suppose, be such an unchallengeable fact for the Left that when he offers to do a Party Political Broadcast everyone swoons.  But are leftie film critics necessarily a good guide to the thoughts of Joe and Jane Voting-Public?

Anyhow, here it is.  And Loach has completely done for Corbyn - cementing into the mind over four long, incoherent minutes that already-lethal image of the tired, toothy old man sitting on the floor of the train beside the toilet, muttering to himself and looking tetchy.

And it's that, rather than his tatty old Marxism, that has finished him.  Nobody votes to have Old Man Harold Albert Steptoe as PM.  If Corbyn's people can't see it, they will be unable to make any good use of the 3 weeks they still have.

Barring a truly lurid revelation about May, it's Game Over.


Correction courtesy of Demetrius in the comments below - ta! 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Where's the Praetorian Guard ..?

The behaviour patterns of Donald Trump, even if nicely 'explained' by Scott Adams, are increasingly bonkers.  The matter of compromising intelligence sources, as seems to be the case, is an outright shocker.

If his attitude to power is that of one of the madder Roman emperors, then where's the Praetorian Guard ?!  They had a policy on dealing with such things.

If you piss off some of the organisations he's pissing off, well, we may soon find out.