Saturday, 3 December 2016

Reasons for Brexit: No.94

No votes for oiks
From my extremely chilly vantage point in the Netherlands (near the coast, wind from straight across the North Sea), I am much warmed to read this ingenious new reason for the Brexit result:

- schools in the north of England are such crap, it causes Northerners to vote that way!

So says Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of OFSTED: and he should know.  If only they weren't all so damnably ignorant, they'd have seen the light.  OK, it's a tiny bit more nuanced than that ... but you can see the way this one is going when Will Hutton and Polly Toynbee get hold of it - and not before time.  Three B's at A-level before you get the vote!  And at least one of them to be in either Media Studies or Applied Marxist Economics.

Public schoolboys to get three votes, if you ask me.

Preparing the young gentlemen for their public responsibilities

Friday, 2 December 2016

Richmond Park: A victory for the Remoaners victory for Remain in the most prosperous, middle/upper class, media working, actor employing, gap year taking, remain voting, long term liberal leaning constituency in the land, is still a significant victory.

Tempting as it is to suggest that this result is the equivalent of a red rosette on a donkey in the North East, it actually isn't.

The Liberal Democrats received a very deserved and painful disemboweling at the last election. The former coalition partner, taking the Mussolini role in the Tories electoral pact of steel, had lied its way into power, and paid the price for those very public lies that it made directly to its own supporters. Reduced to just 8 MPs the Liberal's have been the irrelevance they should have always been. Labour-lite for wealthy social conscience types.

However, just a few years ago there was {wildly excited, breathless media} talk of Nick Clegg being Prime Minister. If you recall much of that talk was based on a labour meltdown that didn't really happen.

The Richmond win is significant for the Liberals because it will obviously re-energise them. Will show that their ignored leader can win victories. They overturned a massive majority of a very popular local MP. And, despite the Democrats now claiming that wasn't totally the case, they won because of BREXIT.

The importance of this, apart from adding an additional Remainer MP to Parliament, is that it does show the LDs have found their Iraq War 2 moment. Tim Farron took the decision to not just stick with the usual Liberal Euro-Lovein, but to also suggest that Brexit can stopped.

Some of his advisers no doubt warned him that with the vast majority of England and Wales wanting out, it would be limiting to try and channel a path back to something noticeable that really only exists in labour leaning cities. That being a protest party will only allow them to scoop up protest votes. 

Farron has realised none of that matters. What matters for him and his sandalistas, is survival. Brexit has given them a path back from the mountain retreats to the village plains. It doesn't even matter if his message is the impossible contradiction of remaining in the union while being out of it. The deluded notion that the only a soft Brexit is acceptable to the British people. 
It doesn't matter a jot if the Tories push on with Brexit while Labour ignore it, leaving the Lib Dems to fight an ever lonelier rearguard action as the time until A50 ticks down.

Winning isn't important. 
Stopping Brexit, isn't important.
Delaying Brexit, ultimately, isn't important
Campaigning, for truth, justice and the European way, is. 

Anyone unhappy with a leave decision, outside of Scotland, can look to the Liberals.

Hang on to your Local Education identity lanyard...The protest party is back.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Capitalists are busy

Mistress money is taking her toll at the moment...will be back in action in a day or two if you are wondering....