Friday, 26 May 2017

An interesting election campaign - quelle surpise!

Not really what anyone was expecting a few weeks ago in the UK.

However, Labour's message of hope (er, free stuff for all) versus May's message of woe (less stuff for all) was not perhaps something expected - even if so, it was not expected to work by the media or dare I say Tory Central Office.

Then the terrible atrocity in Manchester has really affected the country as a whole. One would think this would be bad for those weak on security like Corbyn, but he is quite willing now to say whatever he thinks he can get away with - his speech on security today was weird, but much more caveated than anything in the past.

Will it last? For the Tories to get a big majority looks tough from here, the collapse of the Lib Dems as well as UKIP has evened things up for Labour.

With momentum (literally?) behind Corbyn maybe he could win, indeed, it looks like he will win on his own terms of increasing the Labour vote and preventing a Tory landslide.

Definitely an interesting few days left of campaigning - what do you all think it will work out to in the end?

Thursday, 25 May 2017

UKIP Manifesto

In surreal way, the launch of the UKIP manifesto is very well timed today. No doubt the liberal left will be making fun jokes about how horrid it all is....but..

Personally, I have really noticed after the atrocity in Manchester that the debate is very restricted in the UK, with media in particular very, very careful in its political correctness. In part, this is right after all we don't want to make a dreadful situation worse in the current climate.

However, it also quickly extends to any real discussion about what to do. UKIP are the only party that really means it wants to reduce immigration and improve the defences of the country. The Tories are broadly happy with things as they are and Labour want to encourage more immigration and open borders.

Yet nearly everyone I speak to, in hushed tones, asks why we let people back in the country who have been to Syria or Libya on 'extended holidays with family' or 'charity work.' Surely b taking these actions you have forfeited your right to remain in the UK and can have your passport voided so that you can't even board a plane back here.

Other countries don't do this, in Dubai for example, you will vanish straight jail for an indeterminate period and then swiftly be extradited. Tough love, but I see few terror attacks there considering they are a den of western sinners and shame.
Of course, we do it differently in the UK, but I really fear that over the years the authorities continue to rely on the security services whilst not joining the dots on radicalisation and visiting failed Islamic states - the time has come to be far more robust, from the IS perspective this is war, we should treat it as such too. Failure to do so will condemn the country not only to more terror but also to increasing division between muslims and non-muslims.