Tuesday 12 December 2006

Classic Lib-Dem backslash

A small but ironic story from a friend in the darkness of the West Country.

There has been a mild storm in the neighbourhood of North Wiltshire this week at the news that 3 of the Council Leisure centres are to close. Sadly they are under-used and dilapidated (no doubt a vicious circle here). The local politico's, led by a lib dem group have been hand-wringing about the mis-managment of the centres.

As usual much ignorance hes been displayed about basic economics and the need for local services where there is clearly no requirement.

However, the fine piece of chutzpah comes from the Lib Dem leader of the council Carol O'Gorman. As leader of the council she finalised the decision the closing of the centres due to their dire financial state and drain on the budget. However, now she is cheer-leading one of the groups that is trying to 'save' one of the Leisure centres. She criticises the management team...

er...that would be herself then as leader of the council and in full oversight of the council management team?

Lib Dems - I always love their Orwellian approach to life. Why anyone votes for them is beyond me though. This small disaster should at least lose them a council in a Tory marginal, rare good news for James Gray the disgraced local Tory MP.

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