Sunday 21 January 2007

Emergency! Red Alert! Diversion!

John Reid has come out yesterday saying that the Home Office should be split into two groups, Security and Justice. Yet another crisis is looming from this minister of Public Woe. He certainly is not a good news man, is he?

Even toady Lord Falconer, not to be titled prospective minister for Justice, has defended this idea on Andrew Marr's show this morning.

Yet, I cannot understand it. Why do you need to break the Home Office up? After all the only real reform here it to add ministerial interference by increasing the numbers of politicians wading in.

If the organisation has poor chains of command and leadership then it should be re-organised internally with new reporting structures. This is what companies like GE, Hanson, TUI and other conglomerates manage all the time.

So the issue will not be resolved by a split, only by a change of management. This whole idea is then a red herring.

I wonder why? Perhaps Guido, Iain, Praguetory and others can help enlighten us as to why the government is currently engaged in such large smokescreen initiatives.


Thomas said...

Presumably because they saw this morning's headline in the Telegraph.

Anonymous said...

Its very odd isn`t it . There is absolutely no reaosn to imagibne by caling the samemthing wo names that something will be achieved and I must assume there is an internal political row of some sort.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I just can't understand it. The place is a mess, on Reid's own admission, so now he wants to make 2 messses??

CityUnslicker said...

Wibble - the only conclusion.

Newmania - Exactly

Welshcakes - what do they do in Italy on these matters?

Anonymous said...

I agree that the department is too big and unmanageable. I would like to see immigration as a separate department.

Stan Bull said...

I agree with ellee on the need for a separate immigration Dept. I tend to agree though with former Labour home secretary David Blunkett who has urged ministers to "think twice, think three times, think five times" before enacting further "Balkanisation" of government departments.

Newmania said...

Hmm you have an alter-ego , sorry to leave your thread but it appears to me that while you write a brilliant and useful blog about important things. You lack the equipment to be on Doughty street.


( From Drippy Rachel`s Blog)

"City Slicker's blog at As a Londoner I tend to really enjoy City Slicker's female take on the Big Smoke. She mixes the political and the personal with great wit. The site has great energy and she has spent much time in NYC so you get that NYLON slant as well. Oh and for posts this one on Carbon Emissions was one of my favourites of late: I definitely would recommend her as a fiesty female blogger that is inclusive rather than just ramblings about what she ate for dinner last night!"

and she will be featured on Doughty street.Perhaps you should get togeher and have little slickers or perhaps this is another example of the foxiermoron problem?

..tuh carbon emmissions not predictable or anything .

Hope all well

CityUnslicker said...

Newmania. Thank you to alerting me to this blog.

What can I say? I guess it is ok if you like that sort of thing. Sadly I don't think me and Slicker have much in common. Nothing that would turn me away from the current Mrs Slicker at any rate!

Anonymous said...

I `m sure Mrs Slicker is greatly relieved at her narrow squeak. Any way come on CU next post please!!

Anonymous said...

Newmania is a terrible tease, I'm sure your turn will come on Doughty Street. In fact, if Rachel had any sense, she would have you and your counter part on the same sofa.

Anonymous said...

I meant if Iain had any sense, he might like the idea - do you? If so, maybe I can suggest it to him on your behalf.

CityUnslicker said...

Thanks Ellee, I am sure I would enjoy it. Not sure Iain and I are two pea's in a pod though!

Anonymous said...

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