Tuesday 6 February 2007

UKIP has become TIP

..but are their policies just the left over, slightly rancid, rubbish that no one else wants anymore but can't find a place to borrow?

over to the great DK for a riposte.


Stan Bull said...

Thanks, CU. I think many of us have been ruminating on this very question of late. All that will be achieved by voting UKIP will be a return to power of Labour. The automatic result of Britain's "first-past-the-post" electoral system is voting UKIP will assist only Gordo. I'm sure Broon will be more than grateful to such voters at what promises to be a tight election in 2009. Ukip is, with the exception of Euro elections and the odd council election, electorally irrelevant. And it will remain so. After the next election, it seems likely that the Lib Dems will hold the balance of power. I’d rather not contemplate how a Lib-Lab coalition would cave into Brussels. We have to challenge this current government through the Tory party as it is the only credible option. The primary objective should be get Labour out of office before they finally destroy the last vestiges of decency and greatness in the UK.

Mr Cameron has promised that 2007 will be the year in which he will set out concrete, coherent and modern polices to answer all his critics. Cameron has clearly promised that a Conservative government would opt out of the EU's Social Chapter. Cameron is still backing a withdrawal from the European People's party, opposing the revived (?) EU constitution and keeping the pound. They are all sound positions. Unless, you’d rather have Gordo and Ming running things...

Newmania said...

The primary objective should be get Labour out of office before they finally destroy the last vestiges of decency and greatness in the UK.

Yes I do agree and was doing my bit only last night oragnising AGM`s and so on.I `m not sure I agree with you about UKIP`s actual policies though CU. Which do you think are rancid then?

CityUnslicker said...

IT - i am with you. Having wavered for about a year on siding with TIP I have come back firmly into the Tory fold. Voting UKIP in an election would be grandsatnding.

Having said this, only because DC has said some credible things at last re multiculturalism and other issues have I returned.

The nightmare of Ming and Gordo must not come to pass.

N - I think these are particularly ill-considered and lightweight.

Their reference to immigration as 'overcrowding' is rather close to the line too.

Newmania said...

I dont find anything so desperately odious there CU although admittedly I have had to skim. The straight bat played by IT has to be the right way.
There are however many aspects of the working of the Conservative Party I do not like.

The illusion that many of these frustrations will be improved elsewhere is certainly an illusion. Additioanlly UKIP have asocuila agenda that I cannot live with. I `m just not that much of an old git (yet)

I `m delighted you detect that DC is getting back onto the fairway.There was great merriment at Islignton HQ at this general sense last night .

Stan Bull said...

Grandstanding is exactly what a vote for Ukip adds up to. Yes.

The source might be a distinctly red one but the facts speak for themselves:

Some of the "brownshirts in blazers" appear to be moving on to fresh pastures:

I rest my case.

Newmania said...

I`ll look at that at home IT. Thanks

CityUnslicker said...

IT I have to agree with your instincts. By defintion the Conservatives are a right wing party; though of course with centrist tendencies when we wish to be in power.

UKIP/TIP is right of the right wing, in which case it will have to accomodate all sorts of extremists; even if a few of sound mind are clearly in evidence.

I am though happy to see it exist in some form as it provides good pressure to the Conservatives not to stray too far into Nulab territory. If they would not stand in UK only elections that would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

The IP is a ridiculous name because say if they were lucky enough to win 1 or 2 seats, what power would they could, how could they be independent?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

UKIP - TIP - whatever, I agree with you, c/u, that they are right of right and ridiculously out of touch with reality. They are just playing to people's worst instincts.

Newmania said...

I am though happy to see it exist in some form as it provides good pressure to the Conservatives not to stray too far into Nulab territory

This thought has occurred to me CU. there must be a point at which you are oprepared to walk away from the table. UKIP provide that option and I have like many of the members I have met.

There is sense they think its a game though and as the election gets closer one will be less sympathetic and more irritated

CityUnslicker said...

N - I agree with you. I think TIP are misled by the current level of support. As the election ears and people realise we actually end up with Monster Gordo as PM, TIP support will dry up.

Well, it better do or else I have a choice of emmigration or acquanting myself with catcher in the rye.

Newmania said...

Catcher in the Rye ?

Overrated ( oh how I hated it at school)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"Instanbultory" says UKIP are electorally irrelivant. What arrant nonsense and arrogance.

The primary objective is to make the Conservative Party "conservative" not pinko/leftie/ as it currently is. UKIP exists becuase the Conservative Party has lied for over 30 years to the electorate over Europe.

Kameron's ideas about keeping the pound, opting out of this and that is political grandstanding - he can be as euro-sceptic as he likes the facts are that 80% of our laws eminate from Brussels thanks to traitors like Major, Blair, Heath et al.

Why dont you wake up Instanbul Tory?

Trixy said...

IT: How is he planning on pulling out of the Social Chapter? Is he going to get the other 26 EU countries to alter the Treaty of Amsterdam?

If one takes the last time the Tories tried to change a treaty, what they ended up doing was having a UK court set down a precedent for EU law being supreme.

Which is why, I guess, that Cameron has stopped saying the Tories will withdraw from the CFP.

(It was the House of Lords ruling on whether or not the UK could withdraw from the CFP which ended up with them saying EU law was supreme. Thanks a bunch.)

Anonymous said...

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