Monday 16 April 2007

Who is David Miliband?

I ask this as there does seem to be alot about him in the news. I know about as much about him though as I do about Kate Middleton.

There is his Miliblog and his No10 official history. Also I have read a few articles of the will-he-won't-he style in the Guardian opinion section and in the Speccie, for examples.

On policies such as economic there are his published Environmental views. These are an even madder set of ideas than Cameron has come up with!

I know nothing about him other than he is young, never had a real job, has only been in his job for 6 years and not all of them at senior level. I don't know what he would do in a war crisis, economic downturn, how he will sort the PFI mess and Pensions mess.

Maybe that is the point of a political leadership bid. However, I find it bewildering that we could possibly end up with him with him as PM in a few weeks. Give me even Gordon Brown over that (saying this only as I know he will be trounced in his first election) . Even as a Tory, look what happened last time this type of choise was made, John Major and his sorry excuse for a Government.

Maybe I am wrong, does anyone know who David Miliband is?


Anonymous said...

Millibland is about as experienced in worldly, and relevant, matters as Bliar was in 1997... if he does gain the leadership, prepare for some serious fuck-ups.

James Higham said...

Mr Eugenides had some choice comments about David.

Guthrum said...

This is were we go wrong, having politicians whose experience is Primary/Secondry school-University-bag carrier-MP. Zero life experience.

Anonymous said...

He's a little speccie twat that was regularly beaten at school.

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

As part of my degree course many years ago, I was unfortunate enough to attend lectures at LSE given by his father - an unreconstructured marxist political "scientist". His son is uncannily similar: clever, fluent, patronising and devoid of any sense of the real world in which the rest of us have to function.

To be fair, the same could be said of Mr Cameron.

Newmania said...

Interesting CU I must have read a whole rianforest about what he mneans and what he stands for but know almost nothing about him,.

CityUnslicker said...

Shot - that is what I fear.

JH - he is ascerbic as always.

Guthrum - Career politicans have not made this country better. They seem very keen on it though, eh?

Umbongo - Thank you for this insight, disturbing as it is!

N - A rare treat to see you here.

Newmania said...

Is it ? CU have been a bit busy but I try to keep up all the time actually .

Anonymous said...

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