Thursday 21 June 2007

Even Events travel in three's...

I will leave others to dissect Gordon Brown's rather odd attempt to attack the Lib Dems. Maybe tomorrow he will ask Graham Brady.

From my posts earlier in the week though it is interesting to note the collapse of the latest World Trade talks. This is a bad thing as discussed and is even more annoying as the US/EU are continually sabotaging the talks in favour of their farmers. These farmers, with the advent of biofuels, simply don't need subsidy; A sad taste of pork barrel politics.

Secondly in the news today, the Royal Mail is going to have a strike, as I have noted before, the management of the Royal mail leaves a lot to be desired. This is not to say the Unions who are resisting all change are right, but the management has been extremely poor in its communications to the workers. And as a government funded body why does it not surprise me to find comments from the government as they have its dirty work done by others?


Anonymous said...

Here is my meme on Broon- I would publish it as a post on my own blog,but I figger its your problem, notmine..

mutleythedog said...

Brown Meme

I Have been tagged by CITYUNSLICKER
with this thing. Lets get it over with

2 things Gordon Brown should be proud of:

Never being drunk in public, urinating by a lamppost whilst being watched by a giggling WPC named Charlotte and waving his dick at her and spending the night in a Brighton Police cell, threatened with being charged with indecent exposure, then finding out afterwards they never meant it, despite him being sick with fear for 11 hours…

Looking pleased with himself despite everything, a brilliant act.

2 Things he should apologise for:

Piling up taxes on perfectly acceptable large forms of transport for no good reason and oh petrol prices, when he should know better, and cigarettes, oh yes tobacco taxes the weasel.

The Millennium Dome and it contents.

2 Things he should do immediately when he becomes PM:

Introduce himself to Mr Bush, and ask him how he takes his coffee and what time he would like it.

Take out a subscription to Wisden Cricket monthly on behalf of the nation

2 things he should do while he is PM:

Go walking in the rain

Learn to love England like we do…

I tag … E V E R Y B O D Y !!!!

Mwoo aarr Ahhhh aaarrr oooAAaaaa!

Stan Bull said...

That was truly inspirational. I suspect the nation would take Gordo to its bosom more readily if he had engaged in a spot of youthful, drunken dick-swinging at female WPC's.

What I find amazing about Gordo's overtures to the Lib Demmers is the way that he has so spectacularly botched and mis-managed the whole matter. The headlines are dreadful, the Lib Demmers are fuming, Labour activists disllusioned. Compare it to the very nearly successful way in which Blair had entrapped/seduced the Libs into a possible coalition government prior to the 1997 election. But then GB is not exactly known for his mastery of the "human touch"....
You don't co-opt potential coalition partners by pissing them off. If this is the kind of clumsiness with which GB will handle EU matters or transatlantic relations...God help us all.

CityUnslicker said...

Mutley - that was good and worhty of your own blog. You never knowyou might impress your readership with your mighty knowledge of the political world.

CityUnslicker said...

IT - I am not sure how bad GB comes out of this. The Lib Dems look foolish and insignificant again, which is actually good for the Tories too. GB looks as if he is a bit of a clunking fist, but has nonetheless wrecked the LIb Dems in public. No mean achievement for his first act as prime minister.

It does show how triabl he is though. This will get rough for the cameroonies.

Nick Drew said...

Spot on, CU, McBroon's tacticians will have known there was at least a strong possibility the LibDems would react they way they did: an excellent no-lose play.

He will have several more of these up his sleeve for the 1st 100 days ...

tin helmets all round

Stan Bull said...

Not the point, Nick. The Lib demmers reaction was predictable.FWIW, The Guardian has reported that talks between Mr Brown and Sir Menzies were more advanced than either man's camp has so far admitted.In any case, Brown has long signalled his ambition of establishing "a government of all the talents". Overtures to the Lib demmers have long been on the cards.

The key point here is that many in the Labour Party, from the remaining fragments of the hard-left to the Blairite tendency, will now be reflecting negatively on Brown's modus operandi. As former Labour leadership candidate John McDonnell has said the chancellor "should have had the decency to consult his colleagues and his party on such huge matters of principle, and many people might have been more circumspect in giving him their support if they knew these were his plans."
Ouch...We were being led to believe by Gordo's henchmen that the conspiratorial, secretive Gordo with his penchant for backroom deals were a thing of the past...not so, it would seem.

Nick Drew said...

IT, we will have to agree to disagree on this. McBroon doesn't care: he revels in his brutal mistreatment of his Labour 'colleagues'! He delights in the description of 'big clunking fist'! He is a mafia chieftan, who underlines his position by insulting those around him with impunity.

And he will deliberately do yet more things that upset his own people (not to mention what he'll do to the rest of us).

Not to put too fine a point on it, see the passage from Krushchev I cited here on 11 May, the last part of which goes:

"Comrades! As later events have proven, Lenin’s anxiety [about Stalin's behaviour] was justified. Stalin, who absolutely did not tolerate collegiality in leadership and in work, acted not through persuasion but by imposing his concepts and demanding absolute submission to his opinion … Where were the members of the politburo? Why did they not assert themselves in time?

Anonymous said...

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