Tuesday 31 July 2007

The law of unintended consequences; proposed co-habitation laws

Our great leader, Gordon Brown, currently lecturing the UN in a fashion more reminiscent of a failing Marxist African overlord (I just watched the highlights on CNN, so maybe I'm underplaying the full event and its true impact in geopolitical terms), has recently been espousing about property when in the UK.

Yes, he wants more homes, maybe even on undeveloped land in Southern England, for all his key workers whom he has been so generous too in extending the government payrolls by several hundred thousand (note how key workers are always government employees).

This building will also help to cool the huge demand in the UK and so bring down prices for everyone and help to make Mr. Brown our greatest ever leader.

However, today the news I see is full of the government's soft peddling of a report into co-habitation. Indeed, ministers have said they are 'minded' (that means 100% behind it for those not knowing the jargon) to put this into law.

So now does the law of unintended consequences come into play. if this very intrusive law is made into peoples' personal affairs, they will be less likely to co-habit (they may marry, but it seems unlikely since they are living together unmarried in the first place). This means living alone for longer. When people live alone the overall need for housing increases dramatically, especially the small, one bed and two bed flats which people in this situation would buy.

This is also the cheaper end of the market and so is the property most likely to be bought by the key workers referred to above. So as usual, this policy, as well as being a massive state interference in a supposedly free country, would also wreck Mr Brown's flagship housing policy.

Brilliant, joined-up thinking by the government as usual.


Vindico said...

Just found your excellent blog and rolled you! I agree about the proposed cohabitation laws. It means it will not be possible for consenting adults to live together without the state sticking their noses in their private affairs. If a couple choose not to get maried then why should be treated as such?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well spotted! Minor point, but worth mentioning.

My take is that this is abso-fucking-lutely disgusting.

The State should offer couples who want to marry a statutory pre-nup of 50/50 asset split on divorce, no maintenance payable either way, custody of kids to be decided on a toss of a coin and a flat rate of child maintenance, unless the couple agrees otherwise and override this by their own customised pre-nup.

But of course the fucking bastard snoopers and legal profession and control freaks couldn't allow people to sort their own private agreements, could they?

They have made divorce so expensive and unpleasant, esp. for men, that the State now has to "regulate" those who quite clearly do not want the State butting in.

Cunts, the lot of them.

CityUnslicker said...

Vindico, well thanks, I shall come and look you up.

CityUnslicker said...

Mark - I quite like your idea of a coing toss. As much as it would never be used, it does address a central issue of the woman always assuming she will get the kids, except in very rare cases.

Crushed said...

Again, another example of the attempt to re-invent an outmoded concept of human interaction.
Rather than turning c0-habitation into marriage, we should abolish marriage as a legal, concept (that doesn't affect the right of people to carry out a marriage ceremony, but it would stay that- a ceremony.

CityUnslicker said...

Crushed - I diagree on ideological grounds. we should eb free to do as we please in anay way. Not compelled by government intrusion into our private affairs.

M said...

I've always found it rather strange when people demand that other people who don’t want to be married get the same benefits as those who are married, when all they actually need to do is get married if they do want those benefits. Fair enough homosexuals were excluded for a long-time, but now they have civil partnerships. It’s not as if getting married or having a civil partnership needs to be a big deal, it can be done pretty cheaply if that’s the desire of the couple. Just another example of a paternalistic attitude that seeks to shield us from the consequences of our own free choices.

It’s almost as strange as Marxists who parrot the views of Marx and Engels when it comes to sexual relations, completely overlooking the reality that the pair of them were very often hypocritical in their writings.

Anonymous said...

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