Sunday 30 September 2007

Carnival of the Capitalists - 1st October edition

Welcome to our inaugural hosting of The Carnival of Capitalists. For those of you not familiar, below you will find a list of the best submissions for the week from across the blogsphere as relates to all aspects of business, marketing, economics and finance.

For those new to CityUnslicker and the UK blog scene there is a section at the end with links to some of our best blogs in the genre.

Below I have split up this weeks submissions into various categories:

Personal finance

Lots of posts this week on how to save money and not get robbed by corporates. Here is one that tracks money saved since Sep 11, 2001 (9 / 11) - Hindsight And Investment Gains!. Then moneywalks some advice to has Overcome your worst fear: Learn How to Save. Then we get to Eleven Tricks Stores Play To Make You Think You’re Getting a Better Deal Than You Are.

Matthew Paulson has some practical advice to all of us Quit Writing Checks. But the section ends with a great take which manages some humour too The Bank of Nonsense

Personal & Professional Development

Some great pieces of advice here starting with Ask for More Money When You're Offered a Job.
Then we have some more steps to help achieve the right frame of mind for yourself when considering business as a career, such as Top Secrets to Achieve Success, make Money or Whatever you Wish in Life.
Randy Nichols then presents Fast Paced Success - Considering a Career in Business. Now that you are up and running we then reach How to build confidence and close more sales, useful for me in my new job!

Warren Wong presents makes us think with an excellent piece on What Do You Actually Buy With Money?
A good way of explaining the fallacy of sunk costs.

Business Management and Strategy

A good start here is with The Four Perspectives of Business - Keeping Your Eye On What?s Important

Chris Russell submitted this article on how to go for exponential growth with a real strategy Boldly Go Where No Has Before - Prepare to Do 20 Times More by Looking Five Years Ahead.

Jay Deragon, not to be confused with Jay Solo who founded CotC, has his own take on quick fixes from some business problems here.

This article looks into the downsides of trying to get away which paying for cheap staff Can You Afford To Pay Minimum Wage?

At a higher level, some advice for CEO's of sub prime Mortgage brokers... Do apologies work? 10 questions to consider

Then Charles H. Green has Customers and Strategy Part 2 of 2: Customer Centricity vs. Customer Vultures, which is an in-depth look at how difficult different organisations seek to work with one another.

On the simpler front there is advice for running businesses; from to how How to Attract More Customers and a thought on Cold Calling - Does It Work Anymore? and ending with Critical Priorities for Extraordinary Service Quality

Starting a business

In this section some fine posts, let's start with Finding The Right Part Time Business Opportunity, something all us bloggers have time for....At this point we have some more good advice in the form of this;
10 Things to Do Before Starting A Business : Step 1. The we will need this
Write A Successful Business Plan On Your Own.

No doubt that won't be enough so Nina has this for us all too The Art of Simultaneous Professions

Environmental theme posts

Vihar Sheth starts What's the Point? A reminder that small actions can make a difference. The a look at one of the biggest growing sellers in the US car market How Popular is the Toyota Prius? ~ Hybrid Car Review.

Global View posts

We start this section with some thoughts on the Role of IT in the Democratization of Commerce

Golbguru then submitted a great piece on a current global story: Who Is Responsible For Lead In Toys?

Finally for this section a sobering (for us Westerners') Offshoring and Outsourcing: It's Not Just Manufacturing

Global & US economic posts

In a section more in keeping with the usual posts you will find in this house we have lots on the current market turmoil; how to profit and benefit from it:

How Will The Rate Cut Affect You and how you can profit from it, Fed Rate Cut Signal - Time To Be Invested In The Stock Market

Sophistpundit: Enough with the interest rates already has clearly heard enough though!

Then a counter-intuitive post Why A Weak Dollar Can Help The Stock Market

More on the travails of the dollar include The Weak U.S. Dollar And How The World Is Pawning Us » Money and Personal Finance Blog In Silicon Valley, and How Far Has the Dollar Fallen? And Why?

A Quick tour of the UK World of Finance & Economics blogs;

I have 3 recommendations to get you started. We have Tim Worstall who posts from a libertarian point of view, then a Marxist economist for an intellectual and yet accessible set of opinions. Finally a blog called Burning Our Money which highlights the money poured down the drain by the UK government.

Next week is the 4th Anniversary of The Carnival and it will be hosted at Business Pundit


Anonymous said...

If someone said that they had a Dodo at the zoo, you'd turn up to see it, wouldn't you? Perhaps poke it with a stick, just to see whether it squawks. I reckon that Dillowbert knows that and that's why he pretends to be a marxist. They're extinct, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Ah great job with the carnival. I have been browsing through your blog -- great stuff there. Hit me up sometime

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hello!!! I am interviewing Geoff Hoon at 1:30 today at Downing Street.

I will be asking him questions about his role as City Minister and Chief Whip, what Labour's plans for London are (business, Finance, Crossrail) etc.

If you have any questions (sensible ones) please post them on my blog and I will ask them for you!!

Nick Drew said...

"Law of sunk costs ..."

Hmm, I understand "regardless of your sunk costs" but I think Wong is in danger of confusing a call-option with a long (or long forward) position

Sometimes people fall into the trap of seeing options everywhere. If I own X, then the fact that I have the 'option' to use it or sell it or do nothing with it, doesn't mean X is an option. It just means I own X !

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly a big fan of Burning Our Money. You will soon be up there in the same league. I always enjoy your financial reports, look forward to your write-up about George Osborne today.

Newmania said...

Wow CU this is serious work..I only have time for one or two

CityUnslicker said... think. I thought one was Prime Minister?

CityUnslicker said...

Millionster - will do.

Mermaid - sorry to have missed this, only just back from work!

Ellee / N - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jay Deragon had nothing to do with founding CotC. That would be me.

CityUnslicker said...

I stand corrected Jay...getting my Jay's mixed up!

Anonymous said...

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