Thursday 22 November 2007

Footie Meme

The Capitalists are at work, hence the slow posting.

Just time tonight to respond to the meme of Jeremy Jacobs as regards reasons for England's football failure.

Personally, I think the first team is truly world-class, but we do not have the back-up players to fill in as was borne out by the match last night.

There is not much you can do about this and the idea of limiting foreigners is both illegal and silly. What is needed is simply a coach who can get the best out of average players and forge a team.

Step forward Martin O'Neill.

I am not passing this meme on; too short on time!


Anonymous said...

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Many thanks.

RobW said...

I agree it has nothing to do with foreigners. We've just had crap managers for a long time.

Anonymous said...

"World class": you must have an odd definition. If you were picking an XI from the EPL to play vs the Italian or Spanish league, very few Englishmen would be in it - perhaps only Ferdinand. If you were picking a European XI to play South America, probably no Englishmen. If you were picking a World XI vs Venus, none. Not even close.

Whispering Walls said...

No. We want the Special One.

Anonymous said...

Here's another way to look at it. If you offered Wenger any English player from Wednesday's match at £15 million, he'd surely reject the lot. If you dropped the price a long way, he might decide to try to assess Richards, to see if he'd fit in at Arsenal. Otherwise, no. Of the missing men, Owen and Terry may never, because of injury, play to their own highest standards again. Rooney seems to be fragile and his temper may still be a worry. Even Ferdinand, who is half of a good central defence at Man U, may be the sort of man that Wenger wouldn't want in his team. World Class? They are not even Arsenal class! At a lower standard, though, I wonder if a good manager could make a lot out of Crouch. The trouble is that he's so unusual that if you built a team around him and he then got injured, you'd be in trouble. I wonder too if he is just too intelligent a footballer to be wasted playing with typical English energetic thickies.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you dearieme and I was glad to see Sir Bobby Robson saying something in the press a few weeks back that I have been saying for years.

We have English teams playing at the highest level in Europe, and we have a far better chance of picking top quality English players from the teams that do well in the Champions League than some other nations. Bear in mind that Morinho (who knows a thing or to about foreign players) speaks extremely highly of rank Lampard - but Frank has had a pretty dismal record when playing for England. One should also remember that the last World Cup saw the final four places taken by European nations - so Europe is currently playing the best football and we have plenty of English players holding their own at the highest level in European football.

So are the managers crap? Well Steve McLaren was, certainly. We all knew that before he even started. But Sven goran Eriksson wasn't. He made mistakes but they were not the primary cause of the problem.

The problem we have with the English national side is our players are STUPID. But them in a league side in the same position week after week and year after year and they play with robotic precision. But put them in the national side once a month and they fall apart. They cannot adapt either to their new team-mates or to the unusual opposition. They have particular problems with smaler teams because they can't work them out.

The issue comes down to the way kids are selected for soccer academies across the country. These so-called academies rarely even bother with goalkeeping at all. They are only interested in finding strikers. Why? Because strikers can be sold for big money. You don't necessarily need brains to be a good striker.

The only kid I know that has been chosen to for the local soccer acadmey for our professional club has been chosen because he has potential as a striker. Nice kid - but thick as pig poo.

This is the fundamental problem we have. Foreign soccer teams have a lot of players that are smart articulate people. Other England sports teams have smart articulate people in them. Our soccer squad has retards like Beckham, Rooney, Crouch, Ferdinand in it. Hopeless.

There are two solutions to this. Start recruiting young people that are good at soccer but also smart into the professional academies (but near in mind that there is no money in it, so the little clubs have no incentive to look for these kids). Or play a team from the League almost intact so the players don't have to learn too much that is new.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

If academies only produce strikers why don't we have any ?

From the entire country Owen , Rooney and er thats it.

Sven couldn't even find 5 to take to a world cup.

Yet midfielders and defenders we have quality { maybe not experience }in abundance.

Defenders alone . Terry , Ferdinand, Neville, Cole, Carragher, King, Shorey, Woodgate,Richards , Lescott, Campbell...Warnock

So I disagree with you.. it is actually strikers we need more of.


Gerrard won the Champions League ON HIS OWN ... Any top European side would sign him.

Whats needed is a Manger to make a great team and bring out the indivual talent.

Robbie Williams is one of the greatest individual singers in the world, As Wayne Rooney is a great footballer , but without the right manager you are left with TAKE THAT.

Anonymous said...

First anon, we don't disagree all that much. English footballers being thick is much of the problem: when I swapped from playing football to rugby, the first thing I learned is that the habit was to think about the game and discuss it. (The second was that it's much more sociable. The third was that, at my level, rugby players were fitter and harder working.) Second anon, Benitez still has to be persuaded about Gerard at club level. At international level, he and Lampard have disappointed, especially when playing together. You presumably saw Gerard on Wednesday - his passes to Beckham required him to sprint - absurd. Here's a challenge - explain how you'd justify an EPL XI with Gerrard and Lampard as the central midfielders. Or with Owen and Rooney as strikers. It can't be done. "We have English teams playing at the highest level in Europe": oh no we don't. We have teams of foreigners turning out for English clubs.

bloggorazzi said...

The players don't care enough. They are paid so much that they can't be bothered to play for England. The FA is bent over a table getting a good seeing to from the money and as long as the money keeps rolling in what do they care? That's why they're thinking of organizing a home nations tourament, is that to give us something to do or is it to keep the money rolling in? Why don't the football supporters go on strike, refuse to buy the season tickets, refuse to get the television stations, refuse to go to the games.
When the money gets bored and poorer it'll go away and then the shysters and can artists can go off somewhere else to suck somebody else's blood.
You know the game's dead when these people talk about football as a brand. It's not a brand, it's a game.
Just boycott the Premiership and the money obsessed soap opera antics.

Anonymous said...


'- explain how you'd justify an EPL XI with Gerrard and Lampard as the central midfielders. Or with Owen and Rooney as strikers. It can't be done.'

Precisely my argument. You wouldn't do it. You play players who can work together as a team and that's the managers role.

Find a way to do it... that is the job.

Gerrard and Lampard 1 on pitch + 1 on the bench. Owen and Rooney , maybe Crouch and Owen { to capture Peter's knock down} or Bent and Rooney { a pacey striker to pick up the through balls}. Rooney can't be a football genius for Man Utd and a failure for England, there has to be other factors.

Look at the Croatia failed England squad. All are regulars for their teams and many many are first choices every week.

They can't suddenly just become crap and lack passion! What Liverpool supporter would say Gerrard lacks commitment?
Who at Villa don't want to sign Carson ?
Richards is currently a Man City hero.

Sven got more out of these same players , 1st half good ... 2nd half not so good.

With SMc it was just 1st half diabolical , 2nd half a bit better.

I just don't buy into these foreign players, too much money , no youth player arguments.

Foreign players are cheaper to buy so every premiership club shouldn't need to have ANY English players.
Too much money , yet Lampard + Terry didn't cause Jose too many selection difficulties { more like Shevchenko and Ballak}

No youth , hardly a problem as this IS/WAS the Golden generation.

Can anyone honestly say that if Sir Alex, or Arsen or Jose took over England there would not be an Immediate and sustained improvement?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.10. Your second para, line 7: "rank Lampard".

You got that bit dead right mate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I've been watching England be crap for 30 years. There was much less money in the league 30 years ago - and we were even worse then. There were fewer foreign players in the league - and we were even worse then. We do actually have a lot of good players to choose from - but they play even worse for England than the ones we actualy pick.

Take Robbie Fowler - comfortably scored more goals than Owen for Liverpool - but scored only 7 for England compared to 40 for Owen. Check out the League's top scorers and you will see what I mean. Plenty of names there that were hopeless in an England shirt (and not too many foreigners either).

We have also tried in the past good managers with good track records and they have done better but still been found wanting. They only work with the players for a few weeks before a tournament - not year after year like Ferguson - Ferguson didn't turn United into an overnight success - he joined in 1986 and didn't win any silver until 1990. So how many matches did he manage United before he worked out how to manage them? Hundreds too many for an England manager I suspect...

We've got plenty of "good" players to choose from, but they fall apart when playing for England. A good manager will help - but has his limits. It is a basic lack of player intelligence that is missing. They simply cannot adapt when put into a different situation.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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