Friday 30 November 2007

"Minor Mishaps" - Polly Toynbee Speaks

On cue, Polly Toynbee as predicted: "However unconnected a bank, immigrant security guards, missing discs and a dodgy donor, they are all whirled together by the enemy into a downward spiral. Minor mishaps become syndrome symptoms."

Minor mishaps ? Unconnected ? As CiF commenter

"A red thread runs through all four incidents … a Labour thread."



Old BE said...

Quote of the year from Polly. Minor mishaps? I suppose in the scale of things £25bn isn't much to Polly, nor is the loss of every family's private data nor is "unlawful" behaviour from people very close to the PM who promised "change change change change change" from the dirty Blair era.

Everyone is laughing at Labour now, there is little they can do to regain the initiative.

Nick Drew said...

Ed - she's a little gem, isn't she ?

Mockery is the best weapon !

Anonymous said...

Calls today for a 'root and branch investigation ' into what is wrong with the current national political team .

pundits are speculating that there are too many foreign doners. That politicians are so pampered with thier private jets , private cars and limited hours of work a week and excessive salaries and pensions that they don't care anymore about 'the great game.'

Other suggest that the lack of suitable skills learned at a younger age in an academy say , is imparing their ability to perform at the highest level.

And some just say the Leader is Sh*t .. get a new leader

Sackerson said...
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Sackerson said...

"...the enemy..."?

What happened to "our opponents", "our critics" or "Her Majesty's loyal Opposition"? Ms Toynbee sounds like an hysterical Communist cadre.

Nick Drew said...

Sackers - yes it's pretty uncivil, isn't it ?

'Alcib' (for Alcibiades one supposes), a commenter on CiF, puts it nicely thus:

Polly just says, over and over again, in article after article: this is my tribe and I like it better than your tribe, and keeping your tribe out is all that matters to me

tory boys never grow up said...

Ed says that there is little Labour can do to regain the initiative. I wouldn't be so sure. Despite all the bad news for Labour - I'm afraid your lot are not exactly seizing the initative and coming up with bright ideas about how to do things differently. Even now Dave doesn't have much copurage to tell us what he plans to do.

Old BE said...

Tory Boys - he doesn't need to. He has been off the screen all week and the Tories are still 11 points ahead!!

Just as T Blair just had to stand around looking pretty in 95-97.

Nick Drew said...

TB, for once my instinct is to agree with you ! A priori, governments hold all the levers and most of the cards. Add to this, we were given to understand that Brown was a schemer and all-round master strategist.

Now we learn he is at best an average tactician (we've had several years of complete tactical genius from Blair / Campbell / Mandelson) and a completely useless strategist.

Why, for example, did he wait till after Osborne had pronounced, before moving on IHT ? (I blogged a year ago that Brown-the-strategist would do IHT in his 1st 100 days, it was such an obvious play).

As posted here earlier this week, Brown is now resorting to scorched earth. It is truly a pathetic spectacle, and it may have dangerous consequences.

Steven_L said...

It might be dangerous to kick Brown while he is down, after all he is still the Prime Minister.

The man has deep psychological flaws and chips on his shoulder, the last the UK needs is a madman at the helm.

Better to let him quietly slip into obscurity than goad him I say.

Nick Drew said...

Steven - I agree with you about laying off him a bit, perhaps for different reasons

Cameron could actually be seen as a bully if he continues to chew Brown up at PMQs, it's just too easy to get this loopy schoolmaster into an uncontrollable bate

the rot has set in, let it work its course

(with the occasional prod to keep it moving along)

PS I consider bloggers exempt from this injunction

Nick Drew said...

A propos of which, just heard Austin Mitchell on the Daily Politics, calling Cameron the Public School Picador for his taunting of Brown

rather good, I thought

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Polly Toynbee coming to the defence of John Major during the Eggwina Currie, Jonathan Aitken and Neil Hamilton sagas.

Anonymous said...

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