Sunday, 25 November 2007

Sunday Business Round Up - 25th November

Another week, another turbulent time in the Markets and for the Government. Instability should be our new watched word as this is how things are going to be for a long while yet.

Here is the usual selection of the ten best MSM stories on business this weekend:

Northern Rock saga - this deserves a couple links on its own, as has been the case for the last few weeks. Firstly, the Guardian suggests two of the bidders are making headway, The Telegraph has Warren Buffett looking to get in on the action. The Treasury must be desperate for a bid to get this lemon off its hands!

Takeover talk - This week is is the remnants of Rank that get the treatment...

Priced to go - The pound is set to fall along with interest rates. Nice when journalists can seemingly pick up on the very basics of economic theory.

Market manipulation - Many papers carry this story, about how Alistair Darling has managed to revive the small company float and M&A sector with his tax changes on capital gains. This will be a nice cover boost for this end of the market into early next year.

Rio Tinto - Still fighting the BHP Billiton takeover.

UK Commercial property sector - Lifeless and sadly always a leading indicator of the business environment to come.

Interview - with CEO of 3 UK, one of the most innovative and yet under performing companies in the UK this decade.

HSBC - Still strategic questions here for the management at Europe's biggest bank

MoD delay - Still no decision on future army equipment; no change here, eh?


Anonymous said...

"Instability .. is how things are going to be for a long while yet." A sort of stable state of instability, then?

Old BE said...

There's nothing as constant as change...

The pound can't hold up at $2 for ever - but the Bank will surely have to wait for inflation to die before cutting rates. I worry that a hasty decline in the pound will prevent rate cuts.

CityUnslicker said...

dearime - this is one that need a Donald Rumsfeld to come up with the quote!

Ed - Inflation will fall away if all our spending does too. It is a very difficult place to be in. Our rates though are much higher than the US or the EU and the petro-pound part of our ecnomy is shrinking every year. My bet is on 5% rates by about April 2008.

James Higham said...

Nice when journalists can seemingly pick up on the very basics of economic theory.

Pity the CBs don't seem to have latched onto it.

Old BE said...

But cut too soon and the rate cut will be inflationary. Cut too late and it's pushing on a string.

I still think the Bank raised too slowly and that we should wait for the cut.

CityUnslicker said...

Ed- You may well be right. it wil depend on what effect a housing market slow down has on us. If we are like the US then we will need to slash rates to avoid a big recession. This is what the US is trying to do.

Nick Drew said...

The anger over underfunding of the military may well be another front the govt will find it hard to defend - easy for Joe Public to understand, and with more trustworthy protagonists on the other side

Anonymous said...

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