Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Energywatch - See the Future

Normally I leave the energy posts to Mr Drew, but he is otherwise engaged in the sordid business of earning filthy lucre.

We had a post a few weeks ago on the scorched earth tactics Labour could employ to leave a terrible inheritance for the next government. High on the list was a ruinous energy policy.

Well today we have had a glimpse of the future;

- Power cuts as too much energy was demanded from the System

- Poor results from British Energy because of inoperable Nuclear Plants (glad I dumped that stock last month)

- Gordon Brown demanding more North Sea oil production even though he was the one to limit it through huge tax levies on exploration in the area

- Record petrol prices for drivers

- A fuel protest by hauliers in London yesterday

- A front page evening standard article declaring domestic average gas bills could soon reach £1000 a year

- A clean up bill for our past Nuclear plants estimated at £73 billion; yet we need a whole new generation.

This is indeed a disturbing picture, our energy crisis could start in just a couple of years if more nuclear plants go offline due to problems with the ageing equipment. Yet we are poorly placed to build more and their economic justification is not clear - do they really compete with oil even at $125 oil?

The government has left energy strategy on the shelf for its entire 10 years in power. This is yet another disgrace and one that we are now paying for dearly when you look at the list above.


Old BE said...

Can nuclear plants ever pay for their own clean-up or will we have a kind of nuclear pyramid scheme where each generation pays for the clean up of the last?

Letters From A Tory said...

Well said. Thanks to pandering to green lobbyists, this country is now staring at a massive energy crisis.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The Goblin King has proven yet again that he understands neither the effects of the tax system (as mentioned in post), or even basic economics or basic statistics on the UK's oil production capacity.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks to pandering to green lobbyists, this country is now staring at a massive energy crisis."

It wouldn't be quite so bad if they HAD pandered to greenies. The sad fact is they have only TALKED about green issues but done absolutely nothing concrete.

It isn't just a problem with energy. We have no industrial policy at all. Absolutely none. No desire to plug the trade gap. No understanding of what a trade deficit actually means, as far as I can see. No money being funnelled towards promising research. Nothing. It's going to take us a long time and a lot of hard work to dig ourselves out of this hole. I think a lot of our best people will just throw in the towel and head for pastures new.

Put lawyers in charge of a nation and what you get is more laws and precious little else.

Anonymous said...

the longest period of power for the Labour Party ever.I have been on this planet a long time.

Need i say more ? They are and always will be useless

hatfield girl said...

'No money being funnelled towards promising research.'

Cambridge (both of them) has (have) just supplied a new small pox vaccine to the United States military. I thought small pox had been wiped out but perhaps they intend it to have a comeback. Agreed it barely counts as 'promising' research.

CityUnslicker said...

All in all this is a total mess.

I will ask ND to do a post on nuclear economics again - the jury's out we can say at least. Clean coal is the way forward for the next 200 years.

As for industrial policy, we have no economic development policy at all. All policy is aimed at purely social ends and not economic; this is the legacy of the government. Even this they screwed up royally with the investment in schools managing to take us backward in the international league tables!!

Old BE said...

Development has become a dirty word :-(

Anonymous said...

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