Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Scorched Earth UK

Things are getting out of control for the Government at the moment and the media and blogs are full of febrile ideas; how to get rid of Gordon being the main one.
However, as we all know deep down, Labour are unlikely to find courage in amongst their lack of convictions and we will be stuck with Brown until 2010.
As the momentum shifts away there will be a damage limitation strategy – damage to the Labour Party that is. Instead the Government will turn to the idea of wrecking things for the incoming Conservative administration.
Private Eye likes to caricature Brown as Stalin and he could copy the ogre in this regard.
Here are my 5 thoughts for upcoming policies which could cause huge long-term damage to the next government and so potentially place Labour well for a renewed grasp at power in 2014/15;
  1. Spending – Keep doing it, perhaps even with some tax cuts. The public finances will then be in such a mess, with PFI, public sector pensions to be taken into account too, that the Tories will have no room for manoeuvre and will be castigated by the OECD, EU etc for the poor financial state of the economy. A financial straight jacket will have been created.
  1. Move inflation measure to from CPI to RPIX – This would overnight change the mandate of the Bank of England, pushing inflation statistics 2% higher. Interest rates would have to rise, causing pain in the economy. Look for this to be done at the end of 2009 for maximum effect on the new government
  1. Proportional Representation for Elections – The Left could try this one, to deny a Tory government ever getting into power. It would please the Lib Dems too. Seems crazy, but when men get desperate…could this keep Brown in No. 10?
  1. Deliberate inaction on Energy Policy – With no new Nuclear build or coal stations built, the Country could face a serious energy crisis by the middle of the next decade. Although labour’s fault, it would be deep into a Tory government and what government could survive the lights going out…
  1. Further Nationalisations? – A huge cost (see point one) and would leave a nightmare of complexity. They could do private schools or the railways – re-assuring the core Labour vote for opposition and leaving a dog’s dinner for the Tories.
I am sure there are plenty of other more subtle or clever ways they could perform a scorched earth strategy. Answers in the comments and I will do a follow-up post to analyse.


Bill Quango MP said...

Start to dismantle the Union legislation. Allow secondary picketing or allow a ballot on strike action to be in force for 156 / 365 days.
This has the added bonus of stopping the [rather feebly] threatened flight of union capital from the parties coffers.

Increase spending on the military 'necessary for the war on terror'
A few more aircraft carriers / submarines / or Assault ships, all the work placed in Scottish yards.
order up a British replacement for the Nimrod.. a brand new contract for a fleet of 50 planes!.
Let the Tories cancel those contracts! weak on terror, weak on jobs, weak on defence..

Open up Local government spending, allowing more freedoms to set and raise taxes?

and start buying gold now, to make up a healthy reserve by 2010.

Old BE said...

I'm not sure that Brown could do much of this stuff without raising eyebrows/attention, because the spotlight is now firmly on every move he makes. He could have got away with a lot of it up until recently. I think he will spend his way out of recession in the name of stability.

I think he will be more subtle with the turds he leaves the Tories.

James Higham said...

I'd like to see preferential voting.

Anonymous said...

Your piece is built on the predilection that Brown wants Labour to win some time in the future. Can we really assume this to be the case when he has done such a super job of ensuring they may never get elected ever again and may even be pushed out to the third party?

He is so incompetent and dumb that he my even mess it up and ensure the Tories get re-elected by accident!

Nick Drew said...

There are more, CU, and the biggie is: introducing 'Polyclinics'. We should be campaigning hard against this in my view. Also

- raising school leaving age to 18

- manic house-building

- delaying measures to adapt to climate change (flood protection etc)

- continuation of uncontrolled immigration

Already done, of course, but there's also the Olympics !

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aaaargh! Don't give the bastards ideas!

Anonymous said...

I'll be surprised if the socialists do not lower the voting age to 16. The young, being innocent, trusting, and naive are perfect socialist fodder.

Man in a Shed said...

The Lib Dems think they are being promised PR. However I think its a poison chalice for them - look at London !

Anonymous said...

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