Thursday, 31 July 2008

The dangers of Marxists {continued}

To follow CU's post, here is what the Marxists have in mind.
I saw this on the comments at Dave's Part. On first reading I thought it was a joke post.
Alas, I think the poster was serious.
Thought it prudent to respond, but all your comments welcome.


renationalise the railways;
Can't be done. The cost would be crippling. The ongoing costs worse
stop all forms of privatisation;
Such as ? What's left..Royal Mail? Even the Army is privatised
double pensions and benefits;
Madness. Can't afford what we already have. And that isn't enough.
national training grants for all;
OK:Just scrap new deal, and take out the 'for all'
expand the educational network;
How could it be bigger?
extend public transport and fully co-ordinated;
Crossrail is allowed. + some new road bridges for London. Transport. Its a must for government
repeal all anti-trade union laws;
increase the national minimum wage;
Already it needs to stop rising.It costs jobs. Needs to be taken away from government too.
stop nuclear power, greatly expand renewables;
And turn all the lights off at 7pm.
remove all of the management "consultants" from the NHS;
we may have something here. But I think we mean different things by consultants.
control MRSA, etc by following Norway's/NLs methods, etc;
I dont know, we'll look into it.
fully resourced literacy schemes and a national-wide libraries;
I'm more for repositioning libraries inside other public buildings, but, yes ok
organise a full funded exchange international schemes for young people;
Why? children travel and exchange without this already.
implement more fair trade policies;
If you can show they don't hurt us and do favour them then,OK.
re-start the OU on the TV.
This I like. BBC 4 is unneccessary. During the day its for schools and the OU. And modernised.
seriously limit copyright laws.
We can't. And what for.. even Microsoft can't use them!
repeal the blasphemy and associated laws;
Could, but for what purpose.. its never used. Might as well repeal the one about carrying a bale of hay in a taxi.
fund international development schemes to at least 10% of GDP;
Cut International development schemes by 10% GDP
language classes from the age of 8;
Semi-Agreed.Lets say for those who show aptitude. Now I'm sure we disagree on what languages.
lower the retirement age to 60;
Raise it to 70. We're going to have to anyway, stop pretending. And that's for all workers in public and private sectors.
A National Housebuilding scheme.
Got one. Its rubbish.
A scheme to remove the stigma of vocational work amongst the slow witted middle classes;
OK. Now vocational is called "Social Assistance" happy?
reduce utilities standing charges to nomional values;
By Privatising them? Can't be done. Can threaten a lot of toothless ombudsmen if you like.
provide Phone/ADSL and other services as a basic to all homes and locations;
It already exists. Only you have to pay for it.Its called BT.
Do away with costly IT projects, implement small scale co-ordinated pilots and use open source nationally.
Part 1. we agree to limit costs on...+ I'm no programmer, but if IT projects are supposed to contain confidential data isn't open source a bit of a security risk?
free training in programming languages;
Why should this be free as oppossed to say, medicine? I don't get it.
nation-wide but locally managed computer re-cycling schemes;
Can do. In fact doesn't it exists already under the EU hazardous materials?
dramatically expand mental health and drug rehab provision;
Certainly look at it. Its shocking. But something will have to come off the NHS.
a limit on Oxbridge graduates in any profession in a accordance with census related figures.
I don't even no where to begin. But if you want less political science graduates then we agree.
compulsory purchasing of empty and under-utilised properties, for use as social housing, after quality refurbishment.
Hard to defne under-utilised.+ the law of unintended consequences is staring you in the face. When you grow up and leave your family council home, your parents must now move out. If one dies, the other goes into care?

I'm sure there's a lot more, but that's a beginning.

{Oh good}

oh, and keep a decent Left Labour govt in power for at least 20 years (these thing take time) emulating the best bits of Scandinavian Socialism.

{what is it with Marxists and Scandanavia. It used to be Russia didn't it?}

PS: make it compulsory for all Left groups to have at least 50% of the leadership made up of women, ethnic minorities, the rest to be working class and the remainder can be the usual suspects (in proportion to the society's socio-economic/ population breakdown)
although I appreciate that the latter might be a bit unrealistic!

I swear, that last line is exactly how it was posted

Anyone got any idea of how much taxes would have to rise to fund all this?


Nick Drew said...

keep a decent Left Labour govt in power for at least 20 years
- by suspending elections, presumably: that was one of the bits he was getting around to later

stop nuclear power, greatly expand renewables; And turn all the lights off at 7pm
- sorry to be a pedant, but the point is, you wouldn't have the lights on before 7 pm ! (meeting off-peak demand is a doddle, it's the breakfast and suppertime peaks that are the challenge)

Old BE said...

Just laughable.

Bill Quango MP said...

ND: I see, A solution is needed.

Phase 3. Allocated supper times between 4pm - 9pm and breakfast times in a 'house share' arrangement like car-pooling.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Bill, your manifesto is much better.

RobW said...

Your forgetting something. In the land of socialism money actually grow on trees. And I believe pigs fly as well.

Anonymous said...

Re: I'm no programmer, but if IT projects are supposed to contain confidential data isn't open source a bit of a security risk?

"Open Source" only refers to the software, the data is separate and can be as confidential as you want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. We need to be kept informed of the objectives of the enemy within, and it is reassuring to know that all but the dumbest electors are not going to swallow that manifesto.

I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that all we have left to fear are the twilight days of the New Labour Project, an equally batty ideology, but kept secret from us until they gained power.

hatfield girl said...

What a shallow wish list. Perhaps the writer has just discovered how poor leaving the parental home renders everybody.

Give me a large studio flat in central london with basic furnishings and eqyipment, free heating and communications access, plus a free microwave and guaranteed low prices on the pre-prepared food I want to eat; a citizen's income and no taxes or charges.

Someone wants a cross between his mummy and state-provided, not just funded, living.

Bill Quango MP said...

I think you have something there HG.
I always thought of the ultra left as having students politics.

But, if you think of them as actual students, it all makes sense.
no wonder he wanted free broadband.

roym said...

bill, still found enough to agree on though...

Bill Quango MP said...


Yep,but on the margins and in the economically possible.

Training grants
Crossrail and transport plans
fighting MRSA
keeping libraries open
Open University and schools programs
Better Mental Health provision

Would find most of those in any parties manifesto

Anonymous said...

I'm no programmer, but if IT projects are supposed to contain confidential data isn't open source a bit of a security risk?

I am a programmer, and on the contrary, open source is less of a security risk.

free training in programming languages

There's no point. You don't need to spend money or go on a course to learn a programming language. To learn a programming language, download the software (it'll be a free download, because to a first approximation all programming languages worth learning have open source implementations).

Then read tutorials for that language, and start writing code in it.

DorsetDipper said...

As someone of a leftish disposition this list is really disappointing. Its just centralist workerist fussing and interfering. There's no element of liberation for workers, no support for workers running their own businesses (eg John Lewis).

Bill Quango MP said...


Totally agree.
I can't understand how come workers never seem to be at the centre of so called 'workers agendas'

Always seems to be lots of rights and entitlements.. blah blah, green/diversity/equality/safety/ training blah blah etc

yet what about retail workers who were suddenly forced to work boxing day, without the option to refuse as they have contracts insisting they work bank holidays..

Office workers who must do 'x' hours of unpaid overtime each day..
Managers who must be on call 24 hours and may not turn off their mobiles ever etc etc.

Some people don't object to working 16 hour days but some do.
Yet where is the left on this? Silent.

Bill Quango MP said...

cabalamat said...
"I am a programmer, and on the contrary, open source is less of a secuity risk.."

Thanks for that.
My computing skill goes as far as On/ won't it shut down?...pull out plug.

Anonymous said...

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