Sunday, 10 August 2008

Christopher Booker: some harsh realities on energy

Not a full Sunday review, but for anyone interested in UK energy policy, read this succinct piece from Christopher Booker today:

Within a few years, Britain will face an unprecedented crisis, thanks to the shambles the Government has made of our energy policy. After years of dereliction … only a crash programme of measures could keep our lights on …

With this colossal crisis fast approaching, our ministers are still lost in the cloudcuckooland of Mr Brown's £100 billion "green energy" plan, to meet our EU target of generating a third of our electricity from renewables by 2020. Not an energy expert in the country says this is remotely feasible."

He concludes (my emphasis):

Tragically, no one seems to remain in more blissful ignorance of all these harsh realities than our Conservative opposition which, when the crisis arrives, may well be in power. Not only will those at the top of the Tory party, on present showing, have no idea why the lights are going out, but they will have even less idea of what to do about it - because by then it will be too late."

He is right on the basic analysis: and I fear he may be right about the Tories too. We shall need to take a little look for ourselves in the coming days.




Time for your book, Nick.

dearieme said...

When the Conservatives enter office, they must publish a Paper - neither White nor Green - on the plight of the nation. I suggest calling it a Brown Paper. It's purpose would be to get public assent to some swift action to solve the most urgent problems.

Blue Eyes said...

I wonder how many of the Climate Campers will be annoyed with whoever is in office when their lights start to go out?

sobers said...

The electricity generation situation in the UK frightens the life out of me. I have a theory that we are only a week or so with no electricity away from looting and riots in the streets. The govt (and it seems the light blue/green Tories too) are sacrificing the safety of the entire nation on the altar of eco-trendiness. When the lights go out there will come a cry - Build coal fired power stations and fast! But it may be too late by then.

If something is not done in the next few years, I'm going to to take steps to protect myself. I already have a log burner, next will be a backup generator, and finally a supply of dry goods. If I can cook, light and heat my house independently of the grids I should be OK. Failing that a little bolthole somewhere in good old nuclear powered France might be in order!

Nick Drew said...

By the time I get round to it, may have to write it by candle-light, Sackers

Public consent, dearieme ? That's very democratic of you. Doesn't Old Nick suggest you better just crack on with the swift action - as fast as possible? I suspect the electorate would be only too happy to be in the hands of a govt that was purposeful and decisive, (and, ideally, well-intended) never mind the phoney consultations

ah, the smack of firm govt ... if only I thought the Tories knew what's to be done

Nick Drew said...

BE - one of the big problems for conducting a rational debate on this, is that some of them really don't care about the prospect of returning to the stone-age, these unwashed weirdy-beardies

(and that's just the women ...)

Sobers - placing yourself in the bosom of the Old Enemy is a bit extreme: but I know what you mean, it's hard for the individual to know what to do, n'est-ce pas ?

Actually I reckon Johnny Frog has some problems of his own brewing (you may have seen my oft-stated prediction they will try to offload their vast decommissioning liabilities on the rest of us)

Anonymous said...

Not just energy but the whole of industrial policy. Basically we don't have one. We are drifting rudderless and have been for a decade. Can't make up my mind whether we are on the Titanic or the Bismarck.

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