Sunday 19 October 2008

Phrases of the day...

Alistair Darling "At a time like this, it would be wrong to start taking money out of the economy, in terms of cutting back on spending, in terms of tax"

Translation: We will borrow from our future to pay for past mistakes. We will not make recompense now but force our future selves and children to pay for our misdeeds.

Yvette Cooper ""We need a more responsible approach to repossessions"

Translation: Now we control the banks they will do as we say. There is to be no allowance for market renewal in the housing market and unsustainable prices and ownership will be ensured whatever the cost to the taxpayer and market participants.

Phil Woolas " "We are going to be tough in implementing these policies. It is very important that the public are reassured that the authorities, including the Government, know who is coming into our country and who is leaving it."

Translation: our mass immigration policies have been deeply damaging to the country and everyone sees it and we want the votes of those who are unhappy about this, even though we will in practice do nothing differently in the future to what we have done in the past.

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Bill Quango MP said...

Spooked om Immigration by Stoke on Question Time I think.
Guess there aren't as many votes in mass immigration as they had hoped.