Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Beeb: Interesting Comment from Dennis

Commenter Dennis posted this in the comments to the item below:

All the BBC cares about is its own survival, and in recent weeks that has been called into question. "Sachsgate" got the nominally right-wing press frothing at the mouth about the BBC's arrogance.

Both online and in the prints, readers wrote in to denounce the lowering of editorial standards and also the BBC's blatant pro-Left bias. Charles Moore declared that he would not renew his TV licence while Ross was employed by the BBC; this seemed to be a catalyst for a torrent of other pledges not to pay, from readers. The anti licence fee thing is gathering momentum at the Express, Mail, and Telegraph.

Now the only way the licence fee can be enforced is if the BBC's black propaganda is widely believed. Exposure is being given at last to the truth -- that the detector vans are just empty Transits, driven round council estates to make the feckless pay up; that the enforcement officers are nothing but doorstep salesmen, paid an £18 commission for every licence they can sell; that TVL is no longer the licensing authority and has no statutory right of entry; that the statistics quoted in their threatograms are so variable as to be laughable; etc.

A devastating weapon in the refuseniks' campaign is withdrawal of the Common Law implied right of access. This technique has now got out via the online comments appended to the newspaper articles I mentioned.

If WOIRA becomes widely understood, the licence fee is a dead duck. The BBC are consequently terrified. They fear a large-scale revolt like the one that ended the TV licensing scheme in New Zealand.

That, I think, is why they are moderating their tone. The change will be patchy, since it must be effected by word of mouth rather than memo.

It is unbelievably stupid of them not to have sacked Ross. When he returns in January, that will provide a focus for another BBC hate-in. By that time many more viewers will have been wised up; 2009 may well mark the beginning of the end of the licence fee.


Anonymous said...

it is of course illegal to incite others to break the law so I will not encourage other people to follow my example & withold payment until the infantile leftist stranglehold is broken.

Aljabeeba was alright until they decided to convert us all to the wonders of infantile leftism and tell us drivel like homosexuality is an equally respectable alternative to normality. Not if you value reproduction it isn't. I'm as keen on interior design as the next red-blooded womaniser but I do wish they'd all jump back in the closet & stop frightening the horses. (Mind you, after they've jumped back in the closet, I wouldn't burn it down. Some of my best friends are gay, I'm not a bigot etc. - you can all fill it in.)

I will miss the nature programmes though.

Anonymous said...

Wot's "WOIRA"?

Nick Drew said...

without implied right of access ?

(from the context - just a guess)

Jon said...

Dearime, under Common Law no one has the right to set foot on your property. To get round the problem of giving access to legitimate callers (e.g. milkmen, postmen) there is an "implied right of access" which lets anyone walk up your front path to your door.

This right can be withdrawn.

If you were to write to Royal Mail withdrawing their implied right of access, the postman would not be able to put letters through your door without trespassing. It's the same with BBC/TVL -- if you withdraw their right of implied access (called WOIRA by refuseniks) then their goons are trespassing if they come to your door.

Trespass is only a civil matter, but if the trespasser persists you can get an injunction against him, and of course judges take a dim view of anyone breaking an injunction.

Thus WOIRA effectively stops TVL from setting foot on your property. Electronic detection is a myth, so they are pretty much thwarted thereby in their attempts to gather evidence to present to a magistrate in order to get a search warrant.

It's not foolproof, but has caused the BBC a mighty big headache.

Yesterday I discovered a Facebook group dedicated to the abolition of the telly tax. 192,000 members so far, with thousands more joining daily.

It's here.

Given the heavy involvement of Common Purpose in the BBC, I wonder how long before all this will turn nasty.

Anonymous said...

sign up people, it's time for some real democracy!


The BBC has been hijacked and turned into a far left propaganda machine issuing nothing but quota-driven so-called comedy shows on TV and Radio 4 that are nothing but thinly-disguised far-left propaganda. It attempts to re-educate the masses and dull their senses with prurient prolefeed.

I never wanted to turn against the BBC, but those who have hijacked it have turned it into a big fat ultimatum; and reluctantly, my response is "NO!" I won't be bullied to say there are five fingers when there are only four; I will not be coerced into paying for it by the intimidating Orwellian TVLicence adverts.

Nor do I want to pay for the grotesque market-distorting investment into digital TV that seems to yield nothing but the setting of a lower bar for what can get on air, due to the lack of competition, and the relative cheapness of airtime.

I don't believe the market is purely the answer, but I do believe that the Licence Fee has lost all legitimacy.
It must either be a pick 'n' mix subscription; or directly funded from the treasury. All the TVLicence seems to do is justify it's own existence... it would be cheaper to have the funding come direct from the government without this anachronistic leviathan of intimidation and bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

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