Sunday, 2 November 2008

Obama is still coming

Pretty likely that Obama is going to be the next President of the United States of America.
And a lot of conservatives don't like it.

They point out that he has a somewhat chequered history, is not immune to the lure of giving and receiving "financial favours." Has shifted his position on issues that he has publicly endorsed. Has deeply religious convictions, is inexperienced, mouths empty platitudes about 'change' and 'welfare' and 'A new way of government' and on and on.

In fact it appears that many are worried about
Education Education Education
tough on crime , tough on the causes of crime
The Third Way
Cool Britannia
bringing the mechanisms of government into the 21st century.
End to Boom and Bust

and all the other Blairite slogans that came to mean

SATS tests and a massive spending program that delivered little education improvement
Student tuition fees
3000 new imprisonable offences but no new prisions.CCTV and Special constables but no police
Unlimited immigration, worship of celebrity culture , Spin any story, abandonment of personal responsibility unimaginable regulation of britain except where it was necessary.
Pointless Wars, selling peerages and taking cash for exemptions
Stealth taxes, impossible borrowing and debt, unfunded spending, off balance sheet accounting
and as many other examples as you wish to point too.

So I admit it looks bad.
But missing from all this new BLAIR talk is the fact that Anthony Charles Lynton "Tony" Blair was elected THREE times. Three times the public rejected the other parties and voted for a Prime Minister that offered a change. In 1997 you could say it was all new and so people were fooled. In 2001 we already had minimum wage, had had the Ecclestone affair, Fox hunting fuel protests and licensing laws on the cards, a mental transport policy of neither building nor repairing roads etc
2005 you had the big war, education, health, spending, tax, foot and/in mouth Sleaze and corruption and yet...

The Americans are facing their own version of the evil Tories. They want to believe in someone who will change the way USA pork barrel politics and unaccountable Washington Politicians behave. They want to no longer be the War mongers and, most importantly, they want their economy back.

Obama may or may not be able to achieve some of these. To stick with McCain would make as much sense as sticking with Brown. More of the failed policies that got the UK into the mess is the best way out?

So let the Americans vote in Obama and become ecstatic with hope for a new era.
Just learn the UK's lesson that if he doesn't deliver he is booted out, however smiley and friendly and "you know, Pretty straight kinda guy" he appears.


Ed said...

[pedant] Blair did not invent Special Constables! [/pedant]

JPT said...

Same parcel different wrapping

Sackerson said...

Your photo does all the work - couple of bookends, don't you feel?

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

But, the nuLieBore regime hasn't been booted out yet.

I have long doubted the result of the 2005 general election as I have not met many people who admit to voting nuLieBore.

I fear that the evil snot goblin won’t even go through with the pretence of another election.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Crikey! Yesterday the F1 World Championship, tomorrow the US Presidency. This guy is unstoppable!

Bill Quango MP said...

MW: Have you noticed he sometimes reads the news on C4?
Keme Nzerem

I know I know.. but he does look like him!

Anonymous said...

He gets kicked out whatever happens. Eight years max, unless the Dems manage to change even that. Change I can believe in, indeed.

Anonymous said...

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