Monday 9 February 2009

UK Charities nationalised

This has been happening for sometime now. However, the credit crunch has moved the agenda even further forward.

As people donate less to charity to look after themselves, the 'shortfalls' are causing problems. Charities are struggling for money and the Government has put another £42 million aside to help them with projects.

But how can the Government choose which of thousands of charities deserves help? Moreover, are the ones that need help not already proving they are not good at managing the money?

Personally, I resent being approached in the street by Chuggers who when questioned soon admit that their organisation is majority government funded. To my mind, they are bleeding heart tax collectors.

I am not anti-charity at all and I want people to give as much as they feel they can afford. But why should Government be donating my taxes to charity - why not let me decide where the money goes?

The answer to me is clear, 'Third Sector' money spent by the government goes to 'local initiatives' (see the BBC link). These are mainly in Labour areas and so much of this money is simple vote buying, dosed up with some hand-wringing morality.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"To my mind, they are bleeding heart tax collectors."


lilith said...

"Chugger". So that is what they are called. I have been got twice by handsome young men, once by Greenpeace and more recently by the Red Cross. Perhaps HMRC should employ hot young tax collectors and then we wouldn't mind being stiffed so much.

not an economist said...

Its the long term that worries me. Will the state be prepared to pull out from such support a few years down the line? Consider the outcry if the govt proposes to stop funding these charities in five or so years time and the resultant temptation for the govt to carry on paying out the cash.

CityUnslicker said...

MW - thanks

Lilith - I think I may still mind, some sort of regs around this surely...

NAE - Exactly, once the teet is sucked, it is hard to drop. I doubt even the Tories will be strong enough to row this spending back.

Chris Gilmour said...

These 'chuggers' aren't actually from Green Peace or the Red Cross or Oxfam, they're employees of a face-to-face marketing firm employed by the charities because they get a better return on investment that indirect marketing.

Its a more cost-effective use of the charity's marketing budget than adverts.

They're annoying, but would you prefer charities to waste money you've given them by trying to get more donations via TV adverts?

CityUnslicker said...

MIK - I have no doubt the chuggers are efficient, hence their growth market.
My beef is that the charities get significant government funding in return for furthering government aims.
The chuggers are thus tax collectors and not 'charity' workers in any sense.
Charities too are dishonest in claming independence when in fact they are hugely interwoven into the Government's agenda - just check out the link to 'third sector.'

Anonymous said...

Consider the plight of the country's favourite charity, the British Council. Nobody actually donates money to it, but we all support it mandatorily through the Exchequer, and that puts it top of the league. Perhaps that is the model to follow? If people won't give to charity, the government will choose for us. Bless.

Letters From A Tory said...

I blogged about this corrupt practice yesterday. The second that the government gives a single penny to a charity, their charitable aims and objectives are immediately tarnished forever.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Lucidicus Project: a great charity for capitalists to donate to. They're U.S.-based, but they've even given out books to students in the U.K.!