Tuesday 31 March 2009

Fisking Morality Brown

Brown's much trumpeted speech on Morality was delivered today at St Pauls - the third in his series, after Courage and Liberty. I know, I know: but we shouldn't laugh.

At the outset he welcomed his fellow speaker Kevin Rudd, as "a PM of great courage, a leader of great conscience, and a visionary for reform". Oh, how Brown aches to be lauded thus himself.

The speech itself was, quite literally, childish. The markets are to be regulated along the lines we bring up our families.
Pretty thin stuff, and not as much to get the teeth into as last time. Anyway, to the pentametric fisk.
= = = = = = = = = = =

Today I speak for all G20 leaders
(I am their leader ! Really ! No, I am !)

I understand that people feel unsettled
I know that Global is this crisis’ source

(say after me: Global, The Crisis’ Source !)

Our task is to agree such global rules
As best reflect the values that we hold

The very values of our family lives

(domestic bliss in first and second homes;
a quiet adult pay-per-view or two …)

We raise our children honest, to hard work
Discouraging short-term gratification

(well, maybe still a pay-per-view or two …)

Hard working people cannot understand
Why failure would for any yield reward

Why some have grown so filthy, filthy rich

Making failed bets with other people’s cash

As each raced to the bottom in such haste

(though Mandelson has said we’re quite relaxed
- provided always that they pay their tax -
And I can keep my pension – can’t I, chaps ?)

And now what I, in wisdom, argued oft
Some time ago, and controversially

Is now by all more generally agreed

That markets have their limits, don’t you think ?

Free markets, yes, but never values-free

Fair, but not laissez-faire
(that’s clever, eh ?
I thought it up myself last Saturday)

Thus I invoke the Christians and the Jews
Muslims and Sikhs, and
Buddhists, and Hindus
Winstanley, Lincoln, Smith, King, Sacks and Pope

- just yesterday ! A letter from the Pope !

(A swipe at ‘Tina’; and some pious Hope)

All bow before the name of Gordon Brown
Clunking, vain, cowardly, hubristic clown



Alf Tennyson said...

Having just read through the transcript of the one eyed snotgobbler's wafflings I was struck what an ignorant fellow he really is.
He may have had someone else write it, though I doubt he would trust anyone else, but yet he read it.
I think he must have been absent the day they "did" "English Language" at the school in which he was not properly educated. He seems to be totally unaware that it is not permissible in "Good English" to open a sentence with "And".

Gordon Brownout said...

Brown's DVDs gift for Obama.

Lethal Weapon series
Silver Streak
Guess who's coming to diner
The Defiant Ones
Stir crazy
Beverley Hills cop
48 hours
In the Heat of The Night
Running scared
Rush Hour
Blazing Saddles
Die Hard
Pulp Fiction
Shawshank redemption

Is there a subliminal message he is trying to send?

Stop Common Purpose said...

" ...give one man a lecture on morality, and another a shilling, and see which will respect you most."
James Boswell: Life of Johnson

Judy said...

get me the sick bag

Nick Drew said...

a fairly unanimous verdict, then !

vox populi, vox Dei

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wesley lally said...

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