Tuesday 21 April 2009

Tesco sales hit £1 billion a week.

Tesco weekly sales hit £1 billion
Thirty years after it first broke the £1 billion worth of sales a year mark, Tesco is reporting sales of £1 billion a week.
Its annual results show the company achieved sales of £53 billion and profits of £3 billion.

Seeing as how £1 in every £7 is spent by UK consumers in a Tesco, {probably nearer to £1 in every £6 by now} Why not just hand over the entire budget / Treasury to Tesco management.

There is nothing they don't know about cutting waste, getting the best deal,global markets
currency hedging, new technology, efficiency and turning a profit.
And the employees rate them highly too.


Sumoking said...

I'm not sure if you are joking or have hit on an idea of genius magnitude.

Nick Drew said...

Leahy is a remarkable businessman

I am told he never looks to blame others for his own mistakes: no small character-trait

Anonymous said...

They will own the banks too in a few years. Ideally placed to sweep up the mess made in retail banking.
Tesco have more branches than than the big four [or is that 3 now?] put together.

Tuscan Tony said...

Quite. Which is probably why the gummint likes to stir the masses up against them using cod-eco arguments.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Leahy for PM, if you ask me. At least he knows how to run things. Every little helps when tackling this spendthrift government.

CityUnslicker said...

Leahy is a big friend of the Tories and hates Labour - which is nice!

Demetrius said...

Remember, it all depends on their distribution system. And what does that depend on? Also, think of an orchestra that plays wonderfully well, but only when the string section is in tune, so what happens when a government or the EU replaces the violins with spoons?

patently said...

Not so sure that the staff love Tesco, Bill.

There is a staff association, which flatteringly takes Tesco's slogan "Every Little Helps" as its title. Except that they miss off the "E" at the beginning.

Pogo said...

The simple fact is that Leahy is a "pro" - he's worked for Tesco since "Adam was a lad" and as well as being a damned-good businessman, knows the business absolutely inside-out.

Compare and contrast with the shower of superannuated student-union politicos nominally in charge of UK PLC, who are aided and abbetted by the "cult of the amateur" civil service.

Speaks volumes....

Bill Quango MP said...

Smoking: AS the ever gracious Gordon brown once said, "All our policies are genius." neglecting to add, 'except the mad ones.'

He is a good leader, and I am one who considers Tesco as having far too much reach and power already, but look at the success. They are planning to double in size in 10 years.

They are well known for getting their full entitlement out of every deal. If you work a 4 hour shift at Tesco you will work for 4 hours. If you work 4 hours at Next, you may be able to get away with doing very little for part of the day..
There is no dosing at Tesco.Its extremely well time managed. That causes a certain resentment.
But for a retail worker the benefits are massive. Pension/share scheme/proper training/ management progression structure/ subsidised canteen/ free parking/ discount after 'x' years/health and death insurance/ first pick of the sell off foods/ flexi hours and on and on.

A worker for Robert Dyas say,would probably get none of those.

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