Friday 29 May 2009

How Nadine Dorries blog got taken out.

The Barclay Ultimatum

Synopsis: Nadine Dorries is trying to to run operation Shredstone, the deflection of the media from expense claims to other matters, when the Daily Telegraph's FBI {Frauds and Benefits Investigator} calls with some tough questions his shadowy bosses want answered.


Anonymous said...

Private Eye keep calling her Madine and "mad" Nad.
They draw attention to her second/first home arrangements too.

cosmic said...

I've no evidence as to what Dorries' motives were. I'd guess it was spontaneous and not thought through.

The way the law works in practice is that if you publish defamatory remarks about people with deep pockets, you'd better be able to prove them or face very unpleasant consequences.

I'd guess that the company publishing the web site had no inclination to side with either party and pulled the whole website rather than offending articles, because weighing the loss of Mrs Dorries' business against a potentially ruinous legal action lead to an easy decision.

Bill Quango MP said...

Agree with you cosmic.
I think MPs are feeling real pressure when the phone rings.
However it was an absurd outburst.

Many people have to put up with the possibility of losing their job and so possibly their home every day. GM Vauxhall workers may be thinking that its all a sinister plot to destroy forever the British car industry. That the EU have been plotting against them, with the full support of the British government. After all why were Lloyds and HBoS given money? Why TaTa gets a newly negotiated loan? its all a plot. Why no guarantees for GM workers.

It could look like a plot. Like a smoking ban to shut down independent pubs. Like Carlos Tevez getting the final goal that time, even though he was an illegal player. Anything could be a plot. Most things aren't however.

GM workers won't get the luxury of a year of employment, followed by a parachute payment, plus the choice of which one of their homes to sell now they can no longer afford two or three.
They probably don't have quite the same generous pension either.
They are unlikely to have inside knowledge of government business on which to base future decisions or to secure future work. They may not become Lords either.

So, if an MP loses their seat there is real damage to them. If they are paying family the loss of incomes can be immense.The upheaval and trauma is as real to an MP as to anyone else.
But it isn't a conspiracy Nadine, its life. And in a life outside of the bubble it can be really really unfair.

cosmic said...

"I think MPs are feeling real pressure when the phone rings".

Well some of them have been telling us that "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear".

There have also been the sinister ads about how benefit cheats and TV license evaders have got hell hounds on their trails.

Surely one may be forgiven for finding something ironic in their angst.

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