Monday 18 May 2009

Know a Candidate for Scrappage ?

Peter Mandelson says:

Know a worthless old banger that badly needs to be taken out of commission ?
See if the old crock qualifies for my scrappage scheme !

If so, £2,000 in used notes will help it to a well-deserved early retirement !

HH of Peckham says: this is a Godsend - we can't take another week like this !
MM of Glasgow says:
it'll take a wee bit muir than 2k tae see the back o' me, Jimma !

NewLabour. Support for hard-grafting families.


Gordon's Brown said...

I took in the Speaker to Honda. They would only give me thirty quid for him! Said he reeked of corruption and he was so toxic that it would cost more in bribes to scrap him than just leave him be.

idle said...

My local mechanic might have been referring to a politician, when he said this about my tractor mower:

"I'll do what I can with it, but I warn you it'll eat money and will never be completely reliable".

ScotsToryB said...

Pedantically speaking, old chap but your latter employment of West of Scotland running dog dialecticism debases the vernacular somewhat:

MM (Sugar coated sweeties)of Glasgow

Glesca, Glescay or Glesga(which is how it is uttered by Glaswegians), the former two being 'BBC/I reside in the West End' speak

says: it'll


It'id, as in 'it would' - or in true Glaswegian 'it wid' which, whilst I may be wrong suggests the subjunctive.

take a wee bit (so far so good, but...)


MUIR! OFFS! My eyes have just been subjected to blond hair bleach

Mair, my good man, mair.

than 2k tae see the back o' me,

This is almost parfait but the ruination is about to be upon us:

Jimma !

Oh my Dear Gud In Roswell!


Who the? What the? You are ill advised, sir.




Michael Martin said...

Re Bill Q's query over at Mark W's, yes, the stinker did a rather unflattering caricature of me (click my name).

Letters From A Tory said...

Interesting how quiet Mandelson has been recently. He can see that Labour is a sinking ship while at the same time knowing full well that his resignation / criticism would leave Labour with even greater wounds to heal.

Oh, happy days.

Nick Drew said...

Maybe he'd take his adjustable spanner to some of our Parliamentarians, Idle.

Isn't the Wiki phenomenon wonderful, STB ? When I cock up my German grammar, Mark W comes along to put me right; and now you !

Y'uv tae accept ma thaynks

Major Plonquer said...

ScotsToryB: Awa afore ah pit the heid in ye.

Anonymous said...

Its great. A 9 year old polluter that wasn't worth tuppence is now worth £2000. Worth keeping the old oil burner on the road for another year?

Can't afford to buy a new car myself, but if I sell it to someone looking for a new car for a £1000 then he can get his £2000 discount and we'll both be quids in.

Labour are morons aren't they?